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Sport as a lifestyle.

When you have a passion, it determines your actions and gives direction to your life, until it becomes an indispensable and indivisible element of your personal self.

When there is a so strong and so important passion, it identifies with the person himself and becomes his image and the example to follow.

This definition best describes the person we are going to present to you today and who we are proud and honored to be able to interview: Alberto Rossini, sports director of Armani Olimpia Basket Milano.

THAT!Hello Alberto and thank you for your availability. Alberto Rossini: A life dedicated to Basketball. Can you tell us your story?


AlbertoI was born in Treviglio (BG) in 1969 and started playing basketball in the country team.
I started my adventure in Series A at the age of 18, then I was successively “bought” by Pallacanestro Cantù where I played for 11 years. Then I played two Seasons in Rome and later moved to Jesi in Series A2 Basket where I played for another 10 years, retiring in 2010 at the age of 41.Meantime I played a FIBA World Championship (1990) in Argentina and FIBA EuroBasket (1993) in Germany with National League A.Once I hung up my spikes, I started my career as a coach; I first assisted at Jesi and then for two seasons I assisted at Olimpia Milano.
This was a sabbatical year and afterwards I returned to Milano, but with a different role: Team Manager.

I have been Team Manager for three years and then, the last season, I was promoted to Sporting Director in Milano.


THAT!Your name is Alberto, but you are known under the name of “Lupo” (wolf). I know there is a particular story behind your nickname, would you like to tell us about it?


AlbertoYes, it is true! This nickname was given to me by the Coach of the then National Junior’s, Mario Blasone, for my aggressive attitude in defence, he used to say that “I growled like a wolf”. And from that moment on everyone called me Lupo (Wolf).


THAT!This nickname fits you well!
What is your “heart match”, the one that represented a unique and unforgettable moment of your basketball career?


LupoSurely it was the “goodbye” match. Because I had the opportunity to see people, friends, comrades, who shared 23 years of career with me. I will never forget that game and it will always be in my heart.


THAT!I can understand: it must have been really special and unforgettable moments …
How long were you in the Armani Olimpia Basket team?


LupoI worked two years as the Assistant in Olimpia and three as Team Manager and this is my first year as Sporting Director.


THAT!Olimpia Basket is a team to be proud of! I would say a nice point of arrival and, at the same time, a nice way to convey your knowledge and your technical skills …


Lupo Olimpia is a particular world, a very ambitious company, like its owner, Mr. Armani. Nothing is left to chance, from the organization to the structures, the Staff and the players. Everyone is aware that, if he wants to stay, he must always do his best.As for me, I try to convey to the team and Staff, the experience I had on and off the field, with the luck of having lived those experiences both as a player and as a coach.


THAT!How does a team of basketball train? I mean, how many hours, how often, etc.


LupoIt requires a great commitment. We play every 3/4 days and we travel a lot. During the  preseason the team trains twice a day every day, for forty days in total. Then when the season starts, we only train once a day for about two hours.
But the player must come first for an individual work and then stop after training for the appropriate therapies, therefore the required daily commitment is around five hours.


THAT!Are players subject to a particular diet or are they free in their diet?


LupoAs a rule, in transfer the players must follow a menu compiled by our Medical Staff. Likewise, for the domestic matches, where we stay in the Hotel for a day use.As for the family leisure time, they can eat whatever they want. However, they know that every certain period, they must undergo the measurement of weight and lean mass, so they cannot step out of line a lot.


THAT!I understand! In short, they have to follow the diet…On average, how many matches are played each year? And how many are played at home and how many in transfer?


LupoWe are engaged on two fronts, the Italian Championship and Euroleague.We could get to play about 75/80 games in a season, half of which is away from home.


THAT!What are the specific needs for a transfer in an airplane?


LupoWe have many specific needs, which go from logistics to personal ones. We have players who exceed 210 cm height and who have great difficulty finding comfortable sitting situations in the airplane. Sometimes the emergency exits are not available.We travel a lot and play a large number of matches. Certainly, it is essential for recovery to be able to travel with comfort, and to be able to stretch the legs, to have targeted catering, to be able to fly in absolute tranquillity with reduced waiting hours and the boarding procedures simplified as much as possible.


THAT!Do you carry a lot of luggage with you? Is it large?


LupoWe usually travel with 25/26 people and each one has a luggage, which can be the size of a trolley or larger. Furthermore, we have other 6/7 large suitcases with the team’s and physiotherapy’s material.


THAT!You happen to fly with both scheduled flights and charter flights. What is the difference for the team in terms of quality?


LupoSurely, for what has been mentioned before, the charter flight is the one that best meets our needs. In addition to the obvious difference in comfort, it also gives us the opportunity to return immediately after the match, gaining in terms of rest.


THAT!How would you rate the service provided by That Aviation Italia and from the airline Air Horizont?


LupoThe service has always been excellent; impeccable on board, both in terms of staff and in the comfort of the airplane. We have always had an oversized plane available compared to the number of our participants, so we have always travelled in extreme comfort.


THAT!Thank you very much Wolf for your availability to this interview and we will meet on board of our charter for your next trip.


That Aviation Italia: The sports Broker attentive to detail.

For any further information and flight price quotation please contact us.

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