Low-cost flights for runners and marathons

We fly you to your next marathon
Charter flights designed for runners
and race walkers
Anyone who signs up for running competitions knows that to participate in a marathon and give your best, you must reach the start with the right preparation and the right frame of mind.
THAT! knows all about this exigence and plans ad hoc flights to marathons catered to the athletic needs of runners. We propose low-cost flights with ideal departure dates and take-off times to help athletes acclimatise and recover before and after the race.

Private planes for runners to instantly get into the racing mood

On marathon flights, there is a palpable sense of excitement and adrenaline. Each race participant communicates their anticipations and expectations with the other passengers, ensuring they all start the race with maximum drive and an extra edge.
A unique experience not to be missed!

Departure dates to allow preparation and physical recovery

Our marathon charter flights are designed to give athletes enough time for final pre-race preparation and training, allowing the body to acclimatise to any different weather conditions with respect to Italy, and enough time for those who participated in the race to physically recover.

Your custom flight to win in the air and on the track

Why choose THAT! to fly to your next marathon

We were the first air charter broker to offer low-cost private flights dedicated to the Valencia Marathon. Since 2006, every year we offer 2 or more charter flights, each carrying around 340 or more passengers to reach the Valencia marathon, the fastest marathon in Spain and one of the most loved by Italian runners.

Low-cost flights at a fixed price

Our flights to the Valencia marathon have a fixed and competitive price compared to scheduled flights.

Luggage and airport taxes included

The prices of our runner's charter flights include airport taxes and allow each passenger one carry-on bag and one checked bag.

Assistance at the airport and dedicated staff

Seat allocation at check-in and THAT! staff always available at the airport to assist passengers, both at departure and on arrival.

We want our passengers to be comfortable

Charter flights for athletic clubs
and running enthusiasts

Our special flights for marathons and runners are aimed at athletics clubs and running enthusiasts. Our goal is to fly our passengers, taking into account their athletic requirements in relation to the competition, ensuring their maximum comfort.
We offer not only flights but also the possibility to purchase packages including flights + accommodation + marathon
registration through partner travel agencies that specialise in travel packages for runners, at competitive prices. We guarantee assistance throughout the event with dedicated staff provided by our partner travel agencies and the THAT! team, physically present at both the departure and arrival airports. THAT!, beyond air chartering.
Advisory and customisation

All of our know-how at your service and advice bespoken to the needs of athletes and sportspeople. Tailor-made air chartering.

Professionalism & assistance

Airport assistance and staff for round trip. Seat allocation at check-in and special boarding areas reserved for the group.

We make the sports world fly

We specialise in organising sports charter flights for all events: TIM CUP Trophy, Champions and Europa League, Eurobasket, EYOF, runners and marathons.

Charter flights from all Italy

We organise charter flights from all national airports and boast a twenty-year collaboration with all major northern Italian airports.

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