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Air cargo charter to transport goods

That Aviation Italia’s air freight service delivers your goods worldwide 24/7, giving you peace of mind that your air cargo will arrive on schedule and at the agreed price.
Our service, which is aimed at industry professionals, ensures fast, efficient and safe air freight, even for very large cargoes.
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How does air cargo work?

Air transport can be organised in different ways, including via scheduled aircraft or charter cargo flights The transportation method varies depending on the volume and weight of the goods, as well as the urgency of delivery or specific requirements.
Air cargo charter
flights can be partial or complete.

What can a cargo plane carry?

Air cargo charter flights benefit various fields, including humanitarian aid, special transportation, perishable goods, animal transport, containers, dangerous substances and oil and gas. 
Whatever type of
air freight you need, THAT! is a guarantee of quality and customer service.
We take your goods anywhere in the world

Why rely on THAT! for air cargo

THAT!, an air charter broker recognised for its quality and efficiency, has expanded its charter aircraft offering to include freight transport options. We offer solutions ranging from scheduled flights to full cargo air chartering to meet all business and service requirements.

Fast air freight

We can organise urgent same-day pick-ups for fast delivery anywhere in the world.

Cargo charter for all needs

THAT! offers a variety of cargo charter solutions, including small and large aircraft.

Quality and reliability

We have been in the air charter business for 20 years and have forged consolidated partnerships that guarantee service quality and reliability.

Full or partial charters and solutions with scheduled aircraft

Cargo charter flights from all national airports

Air cargo has grown significantly following the global COVID-19 pandemic, changing the face of the aviation and air chartering industry.
The need to urgently reach critical destinations to deliver PPE, medicines, etc., made air cargo chartering a popular choice for the transportation of these goods, adapting the services provided by air 

charter brokers such as THAT!, which offered their expertise in air chartering. To date, air freight has become one of the most popular solutions for transporting perishable goods but also high-value low-volume cargo, due to the benefits afforded in terms of safety, monitoring, flexibility and feasibility.
THAT! looks after your goods.

ATR72-200 F

Volume: 75 m³
Max Payload: 8,200 kg
Main door: 127×153 cm

Boeing B737-300 F

Volume: 119 m³
Max Payload: 19,000 kg
Main door: 348×213 cm

Airbus A300 F

Volume: 500 m³
Max Payload: 45,000 kg
Main deck: up to 21 pallets

Boeing B777 F

Volume: 580 m³
Max Payload: 100,000 kg
Main door: 372×305 cm

Boeing B747 F

Volume: 750 m³
Max Payload: 113,000 kg
Main door: 340×305 cm

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