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Flying has never been so enjoyable: THAT!, beyond air chartering

Charter flights and private jets
chartering with exclusive assistance and services

That Aviation Italia assists you in making your charter flight unique. Brand recognition is enhanced through customisation that strengthens its identity from the moment you arrive at the airport until you land at your destination.
THAT! is with you from the planning phase through to the actual flight with a specialised team and 24/7 support ensuring timely assistance, peace of mind and the best flight experience.
Partners, more than suppliers

Your success is our success too. Our charter flights have a single aim: customer satisfaction and the event’s complete success.

24/7 availability

We are always by your side to ensure an excellent service, the success of the event and the utmost satisfaction of passengers and customers.

Dedicated team

THAT! professionals are at your service to provide the best air chartering solutions, assistance at the departure airport and, on request, at the arrival airport.

Evident and favourable rates

When requesting a quote for a charter flight, THAT! professionals can provide several flight solutions with clear and competitive pricing to guarantee the best choice.

Optimised operations

THAT! takes care of entering passenger lists, allocating seats and pre-issuing boarding passes, where necessary, thus expediting all procedures.

Exterior branding

The branded plane’s exterior, complete with the company logo, makes the flight experience even more distinctive and recognisable.

Internal branding

Every event starts with the flight. THAT! makes your flight memorable with bespoke catering, welcome messages, gadgets and headrest covers.

Extra bags included

Our quotes include checked technical equipment and extra bags, including oversized items. Simply notify us when requesting the quote.

Airport priority lanes

Thanks to its long-standing business relationships, THAT! reserves exclusive airport services for its customers, including fast tracking, VIP lounges and dedicated security check lanes where required.

Chaperone service on request

When requested, THAT! can chaperone your charter flight to its destination and manage boarding operations for the return flight on site.

flight watching Remote

We monitor your charter flight even in the air through a remote flight-watching service to ensure punctuality, as well as rapid and effective assistance.

Expertise and reputation

We have been in the air charter business for 20 years and have built strong relationships with suppliers and loyal customers in every industry, from sports to incentive travel.

We look after your flight

Charter planes
and private jet chartering

Our knowledge of the market and relationships consolidated over time with select trusted partners are a guarantee of quality and excellence.
Reap the benefits of flying with a private plane and plan your trip based on your own requirements. Take off and arrive whenever and wherever you wish. Forget about stress and get the most out of air chartering. We will take care of your flight. Come aboard with THAT!

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