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ACMI: leasing solutions for airlines

ACMI is an acronym for Aircraft – Crew – Maintenance – Insurance and is a form of aircraft chartering aimed at airlines. It allows the provisional and temporary integration of an aircraft into the fleet for a short or long period.
ACMI is the most cost-effective solution for airlines when there is a spike in demand that cannot be met or when an aircraft needs to be grounded for maintenance.

ACMI aircraft leasing solutions

Our experience in the aviation field makes THAT! the ideal partner for short- and long-term ACMI leasing, in Dry Lease or Wet Lease solutions, making us a valuable broker for both private flights and chartering services aimed at airlines.

Advisory and brokerage

THAT! acts as an intermediary between partner airlines for ACMI leasing, working with expertise and professionalism owing to the ties developed over 40 years of experience and a well-established network of partner airlines. A brokerage capacity that places us at the centre of the aviation scenario.

A respected partner for long-term air chartering

THAT! added value

With over 20 years of expertise in air chartering and over 40 years of experience in the worlds of aviation and tourism, THAT! has established solid ties with the best national and international airlines, positioning itself as an industry benchmark.

Recognised professionalism

We have built a strong and transparent relationship with our clients and suppliers, which has resulted in satisfaction and loyalty.

Reliability and efficiency

We are recognised as a leader in the air chartering industry due to our ability to develop and grow.

Advisory and quality

A marked collaborative spirit combined with meticulous project management to offer the best aircraft leasing solution.

ACMI Aircraft Leasing brokerage and advisory

A network of partners for ACMI brokerage

Thanks to its ability to penetrate the aviation industry, THAT! can offer its support for all ACMI Aircraft Leasing needs.
We can offer carriers the best aircraft leasing solutions under Dry Lease or Wet Lease, optimising their operational fleets based on specific Lease In or Lease Out requirements for the short or long term.
We provide tangible support in building and establishing transparent business relationships based on mutual and long-term trust.
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A team always at your disposal

THAT! guarantees 24/7 assistance for urgent situations, ensured support and prompt intervention to provide the best solution.

Consolidated and transparent partnerships

THAT! boasts elite contacts with the best Italian and European airlines, with whom we share a young and dynamic managerial spirit.

Recognised experience

We have a twenty-year history in the airline and air chartering fields with over 40 years of experience recognised by clients and suppliers.

Efficiency and professionalism

THAT! is an efficient partner that offers solutions, providing advisory support with a view to long-lasting business relationships

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