Rotational series charters for tourism & travel

Fly carefree, wherever you want to go

Charter flights for the travel industry:
a tailor-made offer for tour operators

We offer a very high-quality service for the organisation of rotational series charters at competitive prices with full flexibility.
Active and interpersonal relationships built in over 40 years of business and 20 years collaborating with representatives of the most well-known and dependable airlines, allow us to provide multiple-offer solutions for any short, medium or long-range destination.

Flexible air chartering to meet scheduling needs

THAT! claims first-hand knowledge of what’s needed to prepare catalogues and package travel offerings, with competitively priced flights and flexible schedules, thanks to the backgrounds of its founding partners, both of whom come from the tour operating industry. That’s what makes THAT! your ideal partner!

Series charters for Tourism & Travel scheduled flights

Our contacts and solid relationships with most Italian and foreign airlines ensure access to a wide range of planes with varying seating capacities.
knowledge of travel package planning criteria is a crucial plus that guarantees quality.
Flexibility, competitiveness and comfort in flight

THAT! added value

THAT! does not like to consider itself a simple “supplier” but rather a genuine partner, a travel companion who offers its skills and expertise to clients, as well as the advantages afforded by its long-term relationships, to deliver the best flight solution for air chartering.

A consolidated network

Reach any short, medium and long-range destination with the wide range of aircraft with varying seating capacities.

Guaranteed assistance 24/7

Our team is always available for any situation and promptly responds to all requests.

Competitiveness and flexibility

We can offer high-quality air chartering solutions with flexible schedules and competitive prices.

Your trusted partner for charter flights

Special charter flights for tourism
and tour operating

Our knowledge of travel planning mechanisms in the tour operating field and our consolidated relationships with the best Italian and European airlines make THAT! a resourceful and reliable point of reference when it comes to planning select charter flights and aircraft rotations for seasonal travel packages in the tourism sector.

Series charter flights follow a different set of dynamics compared to ad hoc charter flights intended for other purposes. 
We are able to offer the best flight solutions for all short, medium or long-haul routes, with on-board customisation to best promote brand perception and ensure a pleasant and comfortable flight experience for all passengers.

Partners, more than suppliers

Your success is our success too. Our charter flights have one goal: customer satisfaction and the best flight experience.

Advisory and customisation

Our professionals are always available to assist you in selecting the solution most suited to your seating capacity needs and the destination.

Wide range of aircraft

We work with the most important international airlines; our consolidated relationships ensure availability and reliability.

Customisation and support

Passenger list management, dedicated group areas in the airport, remote flight watching, customised catering and welcome messages.

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