Luxury planes to fly in total comfort and safety

The sky has no limits, flying has never been so enjoyable

Travel in style, at your own pace
and in total privacy

Travelling by private jet means flying when and how you want, with bespoke flight schedules allowing you to reach airports that are otherwise inaccessible.
Whether it’s a business trip, a VIP flight or a small group travelling to a special event, THAT! offers the utmost luxury for a unique experience at every stage of the trip.
Choose your destination and experience the pleasure of flying by air taxi and private jet.
A fleet of private jets

THAT! offers a large fleet of luxury private planes and latest-generation jets, thanks to its collaboration with a number of prestigious partners.

Global coverage

Fly with private jets to anywhere in the world. THAT! offers executive aircraft suitable for short, medium and long-haul flights.

Privacy and security

THAT! respects your privacy and ensures maximum confidentiality and security, delivering a relaxing and peaceful flight experience.

Comfort and luxury

We tailor your flight to your specific needs with ultra-luxury Jet aircraft because customer comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Private terminals

Departures and arrivals in dedicated terminals ensure privacy, security and rapid boarding and disembarking, as part of a service that places guests at the centre.

Rapid boarding

Forget about stress and endless check-in queues. When you fly with our executive Jets, you can get to the airport and board as little as 15 minutes before take-off.

Competitive prices

Our reputation and consolidated relationships developed over time with our trusted partners allow us to deliver truly competitive quotes compared to other suppliers.

Booking with short notice

Upon receiving the availability request, THAT! professionals quickly respond with a quote. Booking is simple, either with a phone call or a few clicks.

Gourmet dishes on board

We strive to meet every customer’s expectations, including offering personalised meals to ensure the best flight experience.

Flexibility and customisation

We plan your private jet flight around your business or vacation needs, with the flight itinerary and departure times tailored to your requirements.

24/7 availability

Our support service is active 24/7, 365 days a year, with dedicated staff offering fast, precise and transparent answers to provide the best flight solutions.

Access to multiple airports

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We look after your flight

Air taxi and luxury private jet chartering

Our knowledge of the market and relationships consolidated over time with select trusted partners are a guarantee of quality and excellence.
Reap the benefits of flying with a private jet and tailor your trip according to your specific needs.
Take off and arrive whenever and wherever you wish. Forget about stress and airport queues, we will take care of your flight plan.
Come aboard with THAT!

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