Air chartering for pilgrimage tours with special passenger assistance

Fly with peace of mind thanks to dedicated assistance

Private flights with charter planes to
places of worship

Pilgrim charter flights are distinguished by the need for special assistance as many of the passengers often have mobility or health issues.These types of flights require special equipment for boarding and disembarking, as well as ad hoc crew training.
Thanks to its extensive experience in religious charter flights, THAT! passengers and customers are guaranteed maximum satisfaction.

Direct flights to sacred sites
on-board commercial jets

Thanks to long-standing relations with the best Italian and European airlines and extensive experience organising charter flights for religious trips, THAT! can guarantee group flights for any number of passengers to any place of worship, even to airports not served by scheduled flights.

Tailor-made assistance
for all needs

Pilgrimage trips are unique insofar as the passengers are often people with physical and health issues, which can sometimes be very serious. These types of charter flights thus require careful management of boarding and disembarking operations, in addition to well-trained crew.

We look after your flight

THAT! added value

THAT! is recognised in the air charter industry for its quality, professionalism and reliability. But, above all, for its dedicated assistance from the initial planning phase until the end of the flight. Dedication that goes beyond air chartering to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Professionalism and efficiency

You can rely on a team of knowledgeable experts renowned for their collaborative spirit, available 24/7 to provide fast and responsive assistance.

Dedicated team and assistance

On request, THAT! chaperones your group on the flight and makes its staff available at the departure airport.

Strong relationships

Reliability is guaranteed thanks to consolidated commercial and interpersonal relations with the most well-known Italian and European companies in the air chartering industry.

Come aboard, relax and enjoy the flight

Air chartering with departure
from all national airports

Suppose you are an agency that specialises in religious travel, in which case you know how important it is to keep the group together and address the needs of all participants, especially if they have health or mobility issues. 
Chartering a plane
that includes all the essential services to ensure the best flight experience for passengers is the most convenient way to reach the religious destination of choice. 

THAT! offers a variety of flight solutions for small, medium or large groups with aircraft of varying capacities and pricing.
By choosing THAT! you can rest assured that you have a punctual and attentive partner at your side whose primary aim is to achieve passenger and customer satisfaction.
THAT! takes care of your flight and all organisational aspects.
Partners, more than suppliers

We take your flight to heart and seek out the best solution to ensure timely operations to any location throughout the world.

Wide range of aircraft

We can offer you any aircraft, from twin-engine turboprops to large wide-body planes, to satisfy all operational needs.

24/7 Availability

We provide 24/7 support with specialised staff and the possibility to arrange a chaperone to assist with return flight operations.

Evident and competitive quotes

THAT! offers an efficient, timely and precise service with clear quotation, accompanied by a collaborative approach towards the customer.

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