Charter flights for supporters and fans

Every sporting challenge is a trip to remember

Charter flights for supporter teams and fan clubs

Whatever the sporting challenge, THAT! will take you there!
Ad hoc charter flights to provide a tailored service for every event. Competitive pricing, comfort, airport and on-board assistance on request, allowing you to enjoy every sporting event with excitement and the right frame of mind. Low-cost flights to the UEFA Champions League and Europe League, but that’s not all! If you’re looking for a charter plane to attend the Champions League final, you’ve come to the right place!

Low-cost private flights to experience the most anticipated sporting events of the season

Sports supporters and fans know that nothing beats getting together to watch a match with those who, like you, have a passion for football. So, come aboard with us and experience the thrill of participating first-hand in the most anticipated sporting events of the season, and not just football!

Air chartering tailor-made
for supporters’ clubs and sports fans

Our charter flights are designed to offer passengers a tailor-made service with no detail left to chance, allowing supporters to reach their beloved team, taking into account the needs of those who work but still want to cheer their team on, with ad hoc schedules and low prices.

We look after your flight

The advantages of choosing THAT!

We have a long history of organising charter flights for fans, with over 220 flights and 25,850 passengers flown from 2003 to today, not to mention the exclusive management of 62 flights and 5,000 passengers for the UEFA Champions League in 2007.

Wide choice of aircraft

Thanks to our consolidated relationships with all major airlines, we
enjoy a priority lane in terms of aircraft availability.

Service and professionalism

We guarantee 24/7 assistance for both the organisation of charter flights and boarding operations at the airport.

Dedicated staff and chaperone service

We are experts in managing large groups on flights. We provide dedicated staff throughout the entire event, until passengers’ return.

Your trusted air charter partner

National and international air charters 

for groups and fans

Is your team playing an away game? You can charter a private jet or charter plane and organise a group of supporters to follow your favourite team in Italy and abroad. THAT! can offer you the most suitable and comfortable aircraft to fly you from any Italian airport to your destination of choice.
Our extensive experience in planning charter flights for football

 fans, including the prestigious Champions League and Europe League (and more), makes us the ideal partner for tailor-made flights to truly get the most out of every sporting event. We offer ad hoc departure and return times to cater to all scheduling needs, competitive pricing, reserved areas at the airport and assistance for boarding operations.

Large and small group flights

We can offer multiple air charter solutions in various configurations to ensure the best flight solution for your group’s needs.

We make the sports world fly

We specialise in organising sports charter flights for all events: TIM CUP Trophy, Champions and Europa League, Eurobasket, EYOF, runners and marathons.

Charter flights from
all Italian airports

We can fly your group of supporters from any Italian airport, ensuring the best possible service thanks to our consolidated partnerships with major airlines and airport authorities.

Experience and professionalism

We offer our expertise to secure the best flight experience, as well as a dedicated staff available 24/7 for all needs.

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