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Flying by private plane to meet productivity
and flexibility needs

THAT! allows you to fly anywhere in Europe and the world with aircraft of various sizes and seating capacities from the most reputable national and international airlines.
Our long-standing relationships with our certified partners enable us to meet even the most complex demands while maintaining a high-quality standard in terms of aircraft and assistance, monitoring and prompt intervention in the event of unexpected setbacks or air traffic strikes.

Charter planes for corporate events and sports teams

Air charters for corporate events and flights for sports teams have tight schedules that require precise and timely planning.
Relying on THAT! means having an attentive partner at your side whose primary goal is to ensure the success of your flight and your event.

Series charters
for tour operators

THAT! offers maximum support for managing rotational series charter flights dedicated to holiday package planning, ensuring flexibility and prompt intervention in the event of changes to the scheduled flights, possible aircraft replacement if needed, or for an AOG.

Professionalism and experience at your service

Why choose THAT! for air chartering?

We boast 40 years of experience in air chartering and 20 years of consolidated business with a continuously growing turnover We have built strong partnerships with airlines and airport authorities, notably in northern Italy. A seemingly small detail that in reality, ensures a superior quality service.

Recognised professionalism

Our loyal client base is steadily growing, confirming our professionalism and the level of customer satisfaction.

Flexibility and competitiveness

Listening skills and a collaborative spirit are our watchwords for consistently generating competitive and flexible quotes.


A charter flight is more than just a means of transportation; it is where the event or vacation begins. THAT! helps you make it unique.

That Aviation Italia, beyond air chartering

The advantages of flying with a charter plane

Flying with an air charter offers numerous opportunities unattainable with a standard scheduled flight.
Flights dedicated to incentive trips and conventions become a chance to convert passengers into an “audience”, creating a sense of exclusivity and belonging or, in the case of a sports team, ensuring the necessary peace of mind for athletes before or after a competition.
Chartering a private plane allows the aircraft to be personalised both inside and out, with bespoke welcome messages and special catering, service and assistance tailored to the client, as well as dedicated areas in the airport and fast lanes for boarding operations.
THAT! helps you maximise the benefits of air chartering and much more.
Dedicated service

THAT! offers 24/7 assistance for emergencies, the support of specialised staff at the airport and a chaperone service when required.

Worldwide coverage

We offer a wide range of aircraft, from executive jets to large wide-body planes, to reach any short, medium or long-range destination.


Choose the airport and the times best suited to your group and customise your charter flight to get the best results. THAT! will make your flight unique.

Competitive quotes

Our commercial capacity and reputation in the air chartering industry enables us to offer quotes that are always in line with the market, as well as competitive pricing.

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