Military charter flights

The ideal partner for meticulous organisation

Air chartering for military transport

Organising military charter flights requires considerable organisational skills and compliance with numerous requirements.
Flexibility, interaction skills, a collaborative spirit, organisational expertise and reliability are just a few examples of the necessary characteristics.
THAT! can provide the most varied solutions for transporting troops for military operations from all Italian airports.

Reliability and efficacy

Military processes require the utmost punctuality and speed of procedures.
THAT!’s extensive experience and long-standing cooperation with the most influential national airports ensure a priority lane in airport boarding procedures.

Accuracy and management skills

Soldier transport for training or simulation purposes requires special operational management in terms of airport procedures, punctuality and organisational efficiency.
THAT! guarantees
professionalism and maximum satisfaction, thanks to its consolidated experience.
More than 40 years of experience in air chartering

THAT! added value

THAT! is renowned in the air chartering industry for its quality and professionalism. Its long-standing cooperation with national airports in over 20 years of continuous collaboration demonstrates the high level of professionalism and mutual trust between the parties. Recognition that is also a guarantee of reliability.

Over 40 years of experience

The world of air transport is in our DNA. The world of air transport is in our DNA. THAT! has flown more than 1,000,000 passengers in over 20 years of business.

Over 6,000 routes flown

We are a market leader in air chartering and private flights for business, tourism, religious, humanitarian and military purposes.

Over 290 airports reached

We can take you to any national and international airport with charter flights at highly competitive prices.

You choose the destination, THAT! will take care of the rest

Advisory, efficiency and 24/7 assistance

THAT! provides a team of professionals that offer in-depth consulting to effectively respond to project expectations and budget needs.
We assist and support our clients with the aim of developing transparent and long-term business relationships. Efficiency, speed and precision are the qualities that have enabled us to grow
and firmly establish ourselves on the market. 
Consolidated relationships
with major airlines and airport authorities enable us to provide a high-quality service with a broad selection of aircraft and fast track lanes for airport services. A significant benefit that, when paired with the guaranteed 24/7 support, becomes synonymous with excellence.
From jets to wide-bodies

A complete range of aircraft with various seating capacities to satisfy all needs, from twin-engine turboprops to wide-body aircraft.

Clear and competitive quotes

THAT! offers a variety of air chartering solutions with transparent and competitive pricing, allowing you to select the best flight solution.

24/7 Availability

We offer 24/7 assistance with dedicated staff and the possibility to expedite boarding operations with the pre-issuance of boarding passes.

Advisory and support

THAT! provides planning and operational support to guarantee a high-quality service and the satisfaction of individual needs.

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