Come aboard, relax and enjoy the trip. We’ll take care of the rest

The unsurpassed luxury of flying as you wish

Luxury private jets for executives, athletes
and leisure travel

The best flight experience is when the aircraft is at your complete service, with the timing you want, without needing to wait and boarding just before take-off to reach airports otherwise not serviced by scheduled flights.
What better definition of luxury than flying whenever and wherever you want with complete peace of mind?
THAT! offers a range of varied and flexible travel solutions guaranteeing optimum privacy and security.

Private Jet charter
for business trips

Managers and executives can get the most out of their business travels by chartering a private plane.
Charter flights allow you to make the most of your time by reducing waiting times to a minimum and letting you safely and comfortably reach multiple destinations on the same day.

Luxury aircraft for an unforgettable experience

Whether for a business trip or leisure travel, nothing compares to the luxury of an executive jet. By chartering a private plane, you can travel to wherever you want, either alone or in company, in the utmost comfort and totally relaxed with an Executive Experience treatment providing excellent service to make you feel like you’re truly on top.

Book your flight, sit back and relax

Why choose THAT! for a private Jet charter?

We collaborate with many valuable partners who provide us with a wide range of executive jets. We are accustomed to flying executives, managers, athletes and VIPs. We are fast and flexible: all it takes is a phone call or a few clicks to book your private flight.

Comfort and luxury

Executive Experience treatment on board but also before the flight, with departure from a separate terminal and VIP Lounge.

We indulge your desires

With our bespoke catering service, we aim to pamper you and satisfy your appetite.

We fly you wherever you want

Private jets can reach even the smallest airports, getting you closer to your destination.

The best flight experience in total privacy

Private jet charter:
all the advantages of a luxury jet

Flying with a private jet means enjoying all the advantages of a completely customised service and absolute confidentiality.
Are you wondering how much it costs to rent a private jet? You might be surprised to learn how competitive it is, especially if you consider that executive jets, being so small, can land even at the smallest of airports, bringing you that much closer to your ultimate destination.

Flights are tailored to suit your needs, with timing scheduled according to your requirements from private terminals.
You will board just a few minutes before take-off, without having to deal with queues and long waits, enjoying a complete sense of relaxation and comfort, because flying should be a pleasure.
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Luxury and Comfort

We will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable experience on board in total comfort and luxury, with food and drinks tailored to your wishes.

Privacy and security

We ensure maximum confidentiality and selected crew. Our high-quality standards and careful selection of reputable partners guarantee satisfaction.

Fast booking

The THAT! team and its account managers are available 24/7 to offer you the best possible assistance and organise your private flight even at short notice.

Reliability and flexibility

We regularly organise numerous private flights for businessmen and football managers who choose us as their flight partner because of our proven track record and professionalism.

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