Air charters for emergency and rescue operations

Your trusted partner for humanitarian flights

Special humanitarian flights

In recent years, THAT! has often assisted in organising humanitarian charter flights in order to rapidly respond to emergencies.
A step forward in broadening the range of expertise and know-how available to our customers.
Rapid and flawlessly organised missions to even the most hard-to-reach locations, sending aid or providing assistance where necessary, anywhere in the world.

Accuracy and management skills

Humanitarian flights to transport goods or passengers often need to be organised with a very short lead times and require efficient organisational skills.
THAT! is accustomed to organising
last-minute private flights and we are used to operating on short notice.

Support and assistance

Special humanitarian flights are for rescue operations and normally involve hosting passengers in challenging psychological and physical conditions. The flight must guarantee peace of mind, welcoming and supporting passengers with an on-board service specifically tailored to this type of situation.

A team of professionals at your service

THAT! added value

THAT! is recognised in the air charter industry for its quality and professionalism. Over 20 years of continuous collaboration with northern Italian airports has resulted in consolidated partnerships demonstrating the high level of professionalism and trust between the parties. Recognition that is also a guarantee of reliability.

Recognised professionalism

We were the partner of choice for the Lavazza Foundation and Region of Piedmont to chaperone young cancer patients from Ukraine to Italy.

Cargo and passenger flights

We can organise humanitarian flights to transport goods and medicines, as well as charter flights to transport passengers.

Assistance and support

The THAT! team provides 24/7 support and can operate flights on "short notice" with only a few hours’ warning.

We organise charter flights to any destination

A deep passion for aviation
and unrivalled experience

THAT! is the result of a great passion for the world of aviation and unrivalled experience in aircraft chartering.
In twenty years of business, THAT! has developed a notion of private flying that goes beyond air chartering, more closely identified with the concept of a “tailor-made” charter. We have flown over 6,000 routes, carried over 1,000,000 passengers and reached more than 290 airports.
The operational headquarters is a stone’s throw from Milan Malpensa international airport, the birthplace of Italian aviation and the hub of major airlines today.
This proximity is crucial in guaranteeing prompt intervention and rapid responses. Expertise and an exceptional ability to penetrate the market make That Aviation Italia the ideal partner for organising charter flights.
From Jets to Wide Body planes

A complete range of aircraft with various seating capacities to satisfy all needs, from twin-engine turboprops to wide-body aircraft.

Clear and competitive quotes

THAT! offers a variety of air chartering solutions with transparent and competitive pricing, allowing you to select the best flight solution.

24/7 Availability

We offer 24/7 assistance with dedicated staff and the possibility to expedite boarding operations with the pre-issuance of boarding passes.

Advisory and support

THAT! provides planning and operational support to guarantee a high-quality service and the satisfaction of individual needs.

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