Air chartering tailored to the team’s needs

Great flying for best performance in the air and on the field

Charter flights for sports teams:
a personalised service tailored to the athlete

THAT! is always with you whenever your team needs to be taken to away games or on tour.
contacts we have built over the years, both at major Italian airports and with well-known airlines, allow us to offer a variety of flight options with aircraft in various configurations to fulfill the special needs of athletes and sportspeople.  Our charter flights ensure high-quality service and attention to detail.

Charter flights tailored to the team's technical requirements

THAT! offers you the best flight solutions thanks to the relationships forged with partner airlines.
We take care of all organisational aspects, from departure times to personalised catering and any technical equipment and extra bags for check-in.

A wide range of aircraft to fly wherever and however you want

Our team of professionals will advise you on the most suitable air chartering for your trip. From the twin-engine turboprop aircraft for short-haul flights to the wide-body aircraft in full-business class configuration for long-haul flights, ensuring maximum comfort and proper preparation for the competition.

A team of professionals at your service

Why choose THAT! as a flight partner?

Our clients include the most famous football teams in Serie A and Serie B, Basketball and Volleyball teams. We have organised charter flights for the most important national sports associations and are accustomed to handling all types of service requests.

24/7 assistance on demand

We provide continuous assistance during the planning and flying phase, with a chaperone service if requested.

Customised services

We supply custom headrest covers, catering on request of the nutritionist and external aircraft customisation.

Dedicated service and privacy

We assist at the airport by providing dedicated security check lanes, fast-track check-in, a VIP lounge, allocated seating and chaperone service.

Your trusted partner for top flying

Charter planes with exclusive services
for sports clubs

THAT!’s strengths lie in the commercial ties it has developed over time with its partners, suppliers and clients. 
We have developed consolidated relationships with the best Italian and European airlines, with whom we share a young and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. Our partnerships are built on mutual trust and reliability resulting from our ongoing and solid commercial and interpersonal relationships
Similarly, a twenty-year long cooperation with major Italian and international airports, in addition to our proven professionalism in managing operations, has ensured our influence and privileged contacts when it comes to ground and on-board services.
An all-round service ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients.
From jets to wide-bodies

We offer a wide range of planes based on your requirements, from private jets to wide-body economy or full-business class aircraft.

Advisory and customisation

All of our know-how at your service and advice tailored to the team’s needs. Aircraft customisation and tailor-made service.

Professionalism & assistance

THAT! staff available on demand at the airport for departures and arrivals, reserved areas and 24/7 support with remote flight watching.

Privacy & exclusive services

Priority boarding procedures with allocated seating, pre-issuance of boarding passes, fast-track lanes, dedicated security check lanes and maximum privacy.

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