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Usually when you speak about private planes,
you tend to think about executive planes or business jet crafts, that are used by rich and
famous people for their work trips. But the world of charter private planes embraces
numerous airline companies, that are created in order to serve a specific
, for example that of Tour Operators, of charter
for incentive trips, organization of events, team
sport activities
or ACMI, in short, those sectors where That
Aviation Italia operates in. 


The Airline Company Air Horizont, that was born in Malta and has an official
headquarter also in Zaragoza in Spain, was created precisely with this purpose
and today we are pleased to have with us Giorgio
Valenti, Air Horzont Sales Agent Italy.

Good morning Giorgio and welcome. First of all, we would like to
compliment your work on managing charter flights sales
of Air Horizont in Italy. Tell us please how this relationship was born and
what is the story of this Airline Company?

Air Horizont is a Maltese Airline company and my collaboration with them
was born from their willingness to operate in charter
market; I followed them from 2015 through Maltese professionals
who worked on its start up.

Could you please explain better what market are they operating in?


The Company operates in two different markets: the first one is that of a
capacity provider, it means that they offer the aircrafts in leasing to other
operators, therefore flying with their codes and in their network ACMI;
the second market is the classic one of the so called on demand flights, which
is universally recognized as charter flights.

This sector embraces any type of flights, from the seasonal chains for
tour operators, to private flights for
companies and sport clubs.

How many aircrafts does the Company have?

Currently there are five Boeing 737-400 aircrafts.


The aircraft configuration is always fixed or is it possible to
personalize it according to the requests and needs of the Client?


All of the aircrafts have the economy class configuration with the
capacity of 168 seats, but of course, besides this fixed part, it is possible to personalize the cabin and the service
according to the Client’s needs

Therefore, it is possible to
personalize the headrest covers, the catering, the beverage, or a particular
welcoming message on board…


In your working experience, what, in your
opinion, is the advantage of the broker’s
, in our case of That Aviation Italia?


Its role is of a great importance! It is a division of roles that is
functional for a successful service. The professionals
of That Aviation Italia filter the needs of the Client and give us the
requests/problematics to manage; this way the Company moves at its best in
programming air charter for the complete satisfaction of the manifested

And objectively Giorgio, we could say we are truly in tune in the
organization of charter planes! Are there
any events that are more “difficult” to manage in respect to others?

As I have already said before, if you work in
synergy with professionals, the “difficulties” are being resolved
. Perhaps,
in direct contact with the final Client there could be difficulties in terms of
understanding, for example the lack of availability of a required slot or the
operative day in full summer season. I am now referring to such requests as:
“But if I am asking you for a Sunday flight on the 18th of August
2019, with many months in advance, why wouldn’t you confirm it?”
And so on…

Sometimes, for someone who does not operate directly in the airline
sector, certain things are enigmatic.
It is true Giorgio, we confirm it: sometimes it is difficult to
understand the logic that stands behind the airline transport for those who are
not personally involved… But is there any particular event that you remember
for personal reasons or a specific situation?

In my “personal history” in this sector, I can say that I happened to
organize fashion shows on board, Birthday parties and, perhaps the most interesting
one, a “diversion” of the plane to see the football match if the National team.
I will explain better to avoid misunderstandings…

This charter flight was organized for
a company convention of a bank, the
destination was Barcelona, but the client wanted to make a stop in France and take
his guests to the match of the “Blue team”, that were playing an important
game. Instead of a classic announcement “We inform our passengers that the
airplane will land in 25 minutes”, the cabin crew started giving out to the
passengers hats and flags, for a common joy and surprise.

I told you this joke, taken from real life, because often the difference, in terms of
success and satisfaction, comes thanks to a genius idea more than anything else
Of course, at the end there must be the availability of the carrier to comply
feasible solutions, because you must always remember that you are flying at
10.000 meters high. 

Fantastic! I can imagine their joy and surprise!
Giorgio, how do you see the development of the charter


all-inclusive packages that will characterize by strong
concentrations with verticalizations (For example: Alpitour/Neos, or Tui etc.),
from the other the “tailor made”,
with all of the niches of possible requests and strongly characterized by the
high quality of a required service, the fundamental markets for all of the
independent medium/small air carriers.

Thank you Giorgio for giving us this interview and see you on the
That Aviation Italia: the broker that makes the
For further information and flight price
please contact us.

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