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July was a rather hectic month for the airports of Milan.
In fact, the Linate airport was closed in the same period – with the transfer of all flights to Milan Malpensa – and, at the same time, the new general aviation terminal “Malpensa Prime” dedicated to Vip flights was inaugurated.

And it is no coincidence, because with the closure of Linate, in addition to moving the commercial flights, it was also necessary to move the General Aviation flights and therefore a dedicated terminal was indispensable.

Malpensa Prime joins, therefore, the terminal already present at the Linate airport which, until July, was the only Business and General Aviation airport in Lombardy (and the fifth for handling in Europe).
Other airports have the “Vip” rooms but not a real terminal dedicated to these flights.

The market of Business Aviation, according to the European Business Aviation Association data (EBAA), has a turnover of more or less six billion euros and Linate, in 2018, registered 26 thousand movements between air taxi and private plane rental. The growth prospects are positive, and the goals are equally ambitious.

The new Milan Malpensa Prime is located between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and is called by the insiders “Terminal 3”. It covers an area of about 1,400 square meters and has an apron of about 50,000 square meters plus a 5,000 square meter Hangar for the executive jet planes as well as a parking area with 100 parking places.

The structure, which has the resemblance of a precious stone, a gem with an iconic shape, is enriched with coatings and colours that make it immediately recognizable, both from the ground and in flight.
It has five Lounge assigned to four handlers who are entrusted with the management task and the “attraction” of the customers. The services offered are many and personalized: from conference rooms to limousine service, up to concierge.

The construction of the building has been entrusted to the well-known architecture studio OneWorks which has created an innovative, elegant and extremely luxurious place, able to meet all the highest safety standards while maintaining a highly functional environment, perfect for accommodating passengers and crews.

Not only is Malpensa Prime an access door to Milan – it is Linate Prime that wins this privilege (It is only 7 km away from the city centre), but to all of Lombardy, to a part of Piedmont and to South of Switzerland. It is an important alternative for all those passengers who previously had to choose Lugano to move to Lombardy.

The fact that Milan is known to be extremely active “Business Centre” (the 15th in Europe) and that Malpensa is the second most important airport in Italy, it was essential to adapt the reception/departure airport services for the entire market related to business trips, offering to the numerous businessmen a boarding area able to meet their specific needs.

With the new Terminal T3, together with Linate, the Malpensa airport is proposed as a place of arrival/departure for all those who are called for frequent business trips and who need rapid movements.

In fact, thanks to the dedicated gates and the short time notice, which is reduced to 15 minutes before departure, the boarding time is almost totally cancelled, a fact that guarantees maximum comfort and efficiency, in total safety.

That Aviation Italia can confirm the absolute rapidity in carrying out all boarding operations having directly experienced the service for some private flights departed from the new Malpensa Prime.

In addition to the private jet traffic, the new terminal is aimed at those passengers flying in First or in Business Class and then continuing with a private jet or with a helicopter.

In short it is a terminal for luxury flights and VIP passengers able to guarantee quality services and absolute confidentiality. This service offered by Sea Prime will push this particular traffic segment to prefer the airports of Milan to all the others.

And, of course, it is addressed also to all high level incentive, to the BBJ full business class planes (often used by A series football or basketball teams) and in all those situations where privacy and discretion are also a determining factor.

The experience of That Aviation Italia has shown how much the confidentiality and rapid check-in, the speed-up baggage unloading, and delivery operations and the customs procedures can be decisive for the success of a private flight.

Being able to count on a modern and elegant dedicated structure, with efficient and rapid services is certainly a plus and an added value, a quality guarantee of which will benefit the customer and passengers and also, we, as air charter broker, will benefit too.


That Aviation Italia: your Quality broker.

For any further information and flight price quotation please contact us.



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