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On the 9th of February, the Italian and French youth delegations, which were called to participate in the new 2019 edition of the European youth Olympics Festival (the EYOF), went to Sarajevo from Milan Malpensa with Albastar’s Boeing B737-400 charter flight that was set up by That Aviation Italia.

It was a new adventure for the young athletes (all between 14 and 18 years old), who participated in the 14th edition of the winter EYOF, which took place in Bosnia Herzegovina from the 10th to the 16th of February.

911 athletes from 46 countries participated in the competition in Sarajevo – a city that in 1984 had already hosted EYOF and once again is embracing the Olympic spirit.

In this moment when, both Italy and Europe, are so full of uncertainties, tensions and polemics, it was nice to see just how much sport can unite people and nations, and it was great to see a competition that made people put aside the divergences and cancel them.

Italy and France flew together on the same charter flight to face the Olympic youth competitions.

It is a wonderful message, full of positivity and faith!

We are proud to have contributed, even though in small part, to the organization of a charter flight that took the athletes to Sarajevo and successively brought them back on the 16th of February.

This is the sport spirit, that fills our hearts every time we are called to organize trips and transfers for supporters and sport teams, that we would like to communicate.

The sport lies in the DNA of That Aviation Italia!

It is the passion that guides us and when the passion and skills get together, work transforms into vocations, and this is exactly what we feel and want to transmit every time we have the possibility to do so.

That Aviation Italia is specialized in the organization of charter flights dedicated to:

•    Supporters

•    Football team transfers

•    Basketball team transfers

•    Valencia Marathon

•    Cycling

And obviously to any other sport specialty where the particular attention does not only regard passenger’s welfare and comfort, but also luggage handling which often is heavy and large.

All of our collaborators are trustworthy and absolutely reliable partners, and our proposals are especially studied in order to meet the requirements of the event. Last but not least, the internal and external aircraft personalization makes the event truly unique.

That Aviation Italia is always able to offer the right solution for the specific needs of the athletes, staff, other accompanying companions (managements, journalists, etc.) and of the luggage (even the non-standard ones).

This is why we were so excited to accompany the athletes of the Italian and French delegation in Bosnia Herzegovina for the Youth Olympics. It was not the final victories that stimulated us (even though, like any good Italian, we were cheering until the very last moment), but the spirit of the event.

If you saw the opening ceremony, which took place on Sunday, the 10th of February, you will understand what I am talking about…

From the moment of the lightening of the Olympic flame to the athlete’s parade, the stadium Asim Ferhatovic Hase Olympic was surrounded by magic. The traditional folk dances of thousands of dancers animated the atmosphere, which was wrapped in colors and life.

But most of all it was the slogan, chosen by the young athletes, that communicated the spirit of the Event:

We create together”.

We hope that this intention will be extended to a much wider reality which will involve all of us.

In any case, the games, which were carried out with this wonderful spirit, included all of the winter disciplines: alpine skiing, figure skating, biathlon, curling, cross-country ski, short-distance skating, snowboard and ice skating.

The Olympic European Youth Festival is an event that involves different disciplines and reunites the young athletes of the junior category of countries-members of the Olympic European Committee. The games are divided into two sessions, the summer and the winter ones, and are being held every two years. The first summer edition was held in Brussels in 1991, while the winter edition took place in Aosta in Italy.

For what concerns the present edition, we, Italians, are very proud of our athletes. This time we brought home: one bronze medal, which was won by Matteo Bendotti in alpin skiing, one silver medal in figure skating, won by Lucrezia Beccari from Turin, one silver in giant slalom which was taken home thanks to Manuel Ploner and another silver won by Chiara Betti in Short Track.

We must applause the coaches for the preparation of our athletes and the organizers of the Event.

From our part, That Aviation Italia is getting ready for the undertaking of the Championship League, the Basketball championship and for the organization of the special flights for the 39th edition of the Valencia Marathon. As always, together with our partners and sport teams we are working with, we hope to prove that we (just like the YEOF 2019 young athletes) “Create together”!

For all of the disciplines we wish to get to the finals and to gain the best possible results.


That Aviation Italia: your sport broker.

For any further information and flight price quotations, please contact us.

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