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When a private jet is being rented by a sports team, it is important to be aware of their specific needs and requests, which are very different from a regular private plane renting.
The common requests of an airplane customization, or of a specific catering on board etc., are normal when organizing a charter flight for incentive, MICE and DMC operations, but in case of sports and football teams in particular, the necessity of satisfying players and their crew smallest needs is bigger, therefore the choice of a provider becomes more difficult.
The organization of a sports team private flight is not only about the athletes and the staff transportation, but it is also about handling the players particular nutrition needs, which are specifically requested by their team doctors, in respect of the right carbohydrate, protein and vitamins intake. In fact, the sports team on-board meals are always customized especially for the players and are never standard or “improvised”.
Moreover, the team has always an extremely voluminous and heavy luggage on board that has to be treated carefully and which boarding often requires the use of special forklifts that have to be specifically requested because not all airports have them.
As you can see the management of this type of charter flight requires a very particular attention to the details.
Also the team boarding and landing often follow a particular procedure because the important A Series football team players can not go unnoticed by other airport passengers and therefore they have to be highly safeguarded in order to protect their privacy. Hence the operations take place in the restricted areas specifically dedicated for these uses, or even with prior check-in operations that are handled immediately before boarding.
That Aviation Italia has been organizing ad HOC and private planes for sport teams for a very long time and it certainly can boast its specific professionalism that has been acquired during its numerous collaborations with the most renowned A Series football teams and different Champions league, that have been knowing it for a long time and relying on it during their transfers.
THAT! is very proud of these prestigious collaborations that confirms its professionalism in this specific charter and aircraft renting field also because it is formed by the real supporters. Thusly when the passion for work and for the world of airplanes meets the passion for football you feel at the top and you can not ask for more. Because “the Football is football”. (Vujadin Boškov)
Recently That Aviation Italia has organized different flights for the Atalanta team both for players and for their supporters.
The Atalanta team, founded in 1907, is one of the oldest Italian football teams and it took part in numerous A Series Championships.Maybe not everybody knows it, but the team takes its name after a Greek heroine who is described as a virtuous and indefatigable hunter, just like the same Atalanta football team.
That Aviation Italia is always proud to provide its support to Atalanta and during the past several months has organized and escorted the team in different transfers such as Sarajevo, Tel Aviv and Copenhagen. Today we would like to talk about the Tel Aviv flight.
The team transfer was organized in collaboration with Alitalia on board of an Airbus A319 with the departure from Bergamo airport. In order to satisfy the nutritious needs of the players we provided a specific catering that included tomato pasta and a 200g meat fillet with a vegetable side dish as required by their nutritional table. The provided service and the attention to the particulars were so excellent that we were congratulated by the Team Manager.
Once at the destination airport the team was taken to Haifa for the overnight stay and for the following day match, while we as organizers remained at Tel Aviv to coordinate the return flight.
In spite of the slowness at Tel Aviv airport controls, due to the luggage verification and individual interviews, the flight schedule was precise and the airplane made its return 30 minutes in advance.
Alitalia as usual performed an excellent operative and on-board service and we are proud to call this Italian airline company as one of our best providers.

Now we are ready to organize other numerous transfers. Where? Valencia, Manchester, …
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