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When we talk about Berlin, we cannot help but think about the Wall, about the Second World War and everything that came from it, from the division of the city to the two realities – East and West – one all opposite to each other, to its recovery, not only economic but also and above all cultural.
Today Berlin is an international city that attracts many young artists from all over the world and it is one of the most fascinating and coolest capitals in Europe.
Its airy energy and its dynamism make it one of the most requested destinations for the organization of corporate events or incentive.
The signs of its past are still evident. Just think of the Television Tower (built in the 1950s), which is the perfect example of the architecture of the GDR, or of the “Unter den Linden” – the long avenue wanted by Frederick William of Prussia that ends with the majestic Brandenburg Gate and, obviously about the remainings of the Berlin Wall and in particular, of its famous graffiti in what is commonly called the East Side Gallery.
Today Berlin is served by two airports – Tegel and Schönefeld – while waiting for the inauguration of the new large airport Berlin Brandenburg BER (the expected date is 2020).
They are both international airports and are located respectively in the North-West and South-East, in the immediate proximity of the city.
You can schedule your incentive trip of about an hour and 40 minutes for the Milan-Berlin flight and about 2 hours and 10 minutes for the Rome-Berlin flight.
That Aviation Italia proposes you charter flight with Boeing B737-400 (capacity up to 160 seats) or Boeing B737-800 (up to 189 people), based on the number of guests of your Team Building.

What to see in Berlin?

Berlin is a city in continuous artistic, cultural and creative ferment and not only does it affect the uses and customs, but it also changes, often and willingly, the very structure of the city.
Its post-modern urbanism coexists perfectly with the monuments, the museums and the numerous testimonies of the great history of this city. The “mandatory stops” are numerous.
We suggest you the most important ones, and you can choose how to organize your events and congresses days.

It is one of those districts in which the city is divided, but also one of the areas of the homonymous district. It is the beating heart of Berlin and there are many attractions located in this area: Television Tower, Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island. It is also an area of luxury hotels, shops, bars and galleries.


The Television Tower
Built in the 1950s by the GDR in the centre of Alexanderplatz, it is one of the symbols of the city. The height of the structure is 365 meters and at the height of about 200 meters there is a platform that allows you to enjoy a fantastic view and hosts an exclusive restaurant (Sphere) that every 30 minutes rotates its axis making a complete turn of itself.


Museum Island
Berlin is crossed by the Spree river, on which there is a small island that houses some of the most important museums in the world.
The Museo Antico houses sculptures and works of art from the Greek and Roman Etruscan period. The New Museum is dedicated to the Egyptian era, while the Bode Museum has a wonderful collection of Byzantine art. There are also the Museo Pergamo that houses the homonymous altar and the National Gallery which represents the largest centre of the museum culture in Germany.


Unter den Linden
Literally “under the lime trees”, it is one of the most famous avenues in the world: one and a half km of road which is 60 meters wide and surrounded by several rows of lime trees that date back to the reign of Frederick William I of Prussia. This avenue houses the National Theatre of the Opera and the National Library and ends with the Brandenburg Gate.


German Museum of History
This museum keeps the thread of memory and teach about the history of Berlin and of Germany. From the unification of the country, to the First World War, until the more recent history of the building of the Berlin Wall, in 1961.


Reichstag Building
It is the seat of Bundestag and has a considerable historical and symbolic importance.
In the 1990s the Reichstag was renovated, and a glass dome was added, which is accessed by an elevator and from which it is possible to enjoy a magnificent view to the Government Quarter, to the Tiergarten Park and to the rest of the city.


East Side Gallery
This is how the remained standing part of the Wall is called, that more than 100 artists from all over the world have decorated with many graffiti including the famous “Bacio Fraterno”.
The visit is really exciting.


Postdamer Platz and the Sony Center
This square, which has always been one of the main places of the city, has undergone numerous renovations from 1993 to 2000 and all around Potzdamer were built several buildings, streets and new squares. But from the architectural point of view, the most spectacular is the Sony Center. It is a complex of 7 buildings surmounted by an umbrella-shaped steel roof that changes colour during the day.

Berlin Hotel: where to sleep?  

Like any big capital, Berlin offers many solutions and we would like to suggest you some perfect ones for the organization of the business meetings:

Sheraton Berlin Grand Hotel Esplanade
Built in the first decade of the 1900s in pure Belle Epoque style and centrally located,
this hotel is one of the most famous in Berlin and has hosted stars like Charlie Chaplin and Greta Garbo. It was almost totally destroyed by the bombing in 1944/1945 and today, a small part is integrated into the Sony Center.
This 5 Star Luxury hotel has several modern and efficient meeting rooms that can
accommodate up to 450 people.


Kempinski Bristol Berlin
Renovated in 2017, the Hotel Bristol Berlin has been one of the city’s landmarks for over 65
years. Many celebrities have stayed here: from Ava Gardner to Sir Alfred Hitchcock; from Maria Callas to Liza Minelli; from John F. Kennedy to Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, just to name a few.
The hotel has 10 bright and equipped halls for a maximum capacity of 500 people. Moreover, thanks to its position, in the heart of the western area, it is just a few minutes away from the Exhibition and Congress Centre.


Grand Hyatt Berlin 
Located at Potsdamer Platz, 11 kilometres from Tegel International Airport, the Grand Hyatt Berlin is just a few minutes’ walk from the Tiergarten, in the Mitte district, the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate.
The modern art of this hotel is reflected in its contemporary lobby where guests will find a business centre and a connected shopping centre. It has nine ultra-modern rooms and a 743-square-meter ballroom.  It is ideal for business meetings or parties.

What is the best time to go to Berlin?

The best time to organize your events in Berlin is late spring and early autumn and, as we suggested in another article June is the ideal month due to mild temperatures and long days.

We leave you with a little curiosity:

Do you know why the bear is one of the symbols of Berlin? Because its name derives from the German word Bãr, which means precisely “bear”.


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