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Happy New Year
to all of our dear readers! We hope that this New Year has been bright and rich
in the intentions that hopefully we can help you to fulfil.
Let’s start
2019 with a proposal that is connected to the world of Building
. What are the most trendy destinations in
the world of incentive trips
? And what are the
best periods
for the most popular MICE
and DMC destinations?
It is known
that the personal preferences and trends change… While last year everybody
wanted to go to a certain place, this year the same place is not so interesting
But what are
the most attractive locations in 2019?
Aviation Italia offers you a selection of the most trendy destinations
, with proposals that also consider the best period for incentive trips, according to the climate conditions of the chosen
destination.Let’s see them month by month:
January – Athens
It may seem
trivial to say, but Athens remains a must for the incentive.
The closeness of this destination (only a 2h flight from Rome and a 2hrs 30min
from Milan), its historical and artistic richness, besides a mid-climate, makes
it a perfect destination. The average temperatures in January is between 7°C min
and 13°C max, with 5 days of average month precipitations.
How to fly to
Athens? Fly with That Aviation Italia with Airbus A321. 
February – Istanbul
located between Europe and Asia, on the Bosphorus Strait, is the city that
reflects the cultural influences of the numerous Empires that governed it. It
offers a variety of opportunities to bring together moments of work and fun.
The seasonal temperatures are between 3°C min and 9°C max. It is only a 3h
flight from Milan and 2hrs and 30min from Rome and the recommended charter plane is the Airbus A320
March – Dublin (Ireland)
This city is
rich in myths and legends, like the one that explains the different
colours of the doors of Irish houses or the story of Molly Malone, who is also the symbol of Dublin. But
the capital of Ireland is also the home town of numerous writers and also of
the world’s famous Guinness, that here has its own particular taste! As an
Irish writer Flann O’Brien once said: 
“When things go wrong and will not come right,
Though you do the best you can,
When life looks black as the hours of night –
A pint of plain is your only man.”
That Aviation Italia will take you to Ireland with Boeing 737–400 aircraft in only 2hrs and 25min flight from Milan and 2hrs and 55min flight from
Rome. The middle seasonal temperatures are between 3°C min and 10°C max.
April – Madrid (Spain)
Also Spain
offers numerous locations that are more than perfect for organizing company meetings; and not only Madrid is the biggest metropolis and the capital of
Spain, it is also the ideal destination for the organization of incentives and conventions. It has mild temperatures (8°C min /
18° C max) and it is only a 2h flight from Milan and 2hrs and 20min from Rome.
That Aviation
Italia will take you to Madrid with Boeing B737-800! 
May – Taormina
Taormina is one
of the jewels of Sicily. The city, perched on the hills, surrounded by an
enchanting scenery, has a breathtaking sea view. There
are many 5 star Hotels
available in the area for a high level staying,
besides the possibility of visiting, without the need of going far, one of the
most beautiful theatres of ancient Greece: the Ancient Theatre of Taormina, that itself is worth a visit to the
city. The reference airport is that of Catania and it is only 1hr and 15min
flight from Rome and 1hr and 50min from Milan. How can you arrive in Taormina? With
Boeing B737-400 charter flight of That Aviation Italia. The average season
temperatures goes from 17°C min to 23°C max. 
June – Berlin
Berlin is
certainly one of the latest most popular destinations for the incentive events. Starting from the Urania Weltzeituhr in
Alexanderplatz, from the old area of fishermen of Nikolaiviertel and the Museum
islands, to the Berliner Dom with its enormous dome, it is a trip though the
past of GDR to the current cultural capital of Europe. June is the perfect
month for a visit to Berlin: the temperatures are between 12°C and 22°C with a
limited rainfalls. Fly to Berlin with That Aviation Italia from any national
airport: it is only a 1h and 40min from Milan and 2hrs and 10 min from Rome.
The suggested air charter? Airbus A320 with the capacity of 180 seats. 
July – Budapest

Here is
another great classic destination for MICE, DMC, events and
. And how could it be otherwise? This city, divided in two by
Danube and connected by the famous Szèchenyi Chain Bridge, has a great fashion.
The city, considered by many as the “Eastern Paris”, is also the “city of the
spa” which makes it the perfect combination between
glamour and relax
. That Aviation Italia will take you to Budapest with Airbus A321 in 1h and 40min from both Milan and Rome.

August – Dubrovnik
On the other
side of the Adriatic Sea, at a moderate distance (only 1h and 10min from Rome
and 30 minutes more from Milan), there is a city, which is considered the
Adriatic pearl, that fascinates the visitors with its turbulent history from
which it managed to rise and which enchants the visitors with its elegant
beauty. Which airplane could you fly with to Dubrovnik? That Aviation Italia
proposes you the Airbus A319 private jet with the capacity of 144 seats. 
September – Amsterdam
which is well-known for its artistic heritage, its elaborated systems of
channels that resembles those of Venice and the narrow houses with gabled
facades, will never annoy you. There is a variety of modern artworks and
museums with pieces of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. But it is also nice to
have a simple walk in Amsterdam through the channels and among numerous bicycles.Even the
landing at the Schiphol airport is a particular experience,
because the runways pass close to the roads producing a very suggestive effect.
That Aviation Italia will take you to Amsterdam with B737-400 in more or less 2 hours from Rome (1h and 40min from
October – Malta
(Republic of Malta)
Also Malta is a
great classic of incentive tours and we have
already spoken about this destination in our previous article, but we could not do but introduce it
into our proposal, considering its fortunate geographical position and the
Mediterranean climate in this period with medium temperatures of 18°C and 25°C
and reduced rainfalls. The flight to Malta is approximately 2 hours from Milan
and 1h and 30 minutes from Rome; the recommended charter
is the B767-200. 
November – Lanzarote (Canary Islands – Spain 
The unique landscapes of Lanzarote forms an ecosystem of great value which is recognized
internationally. It is the perfect place to relax and to walk among volcanos,
caves and untouched beaches. A real moment of peace and relax, that offers to
the guests of your incentive a work trip which is also capable to regenerate.That Aviation
Italia suggests you air charter Boeing B737-800 with the capacity of 189 seats, that will take you to
Lanzarote approximately in 4hrs and 15min from both Milan and Rome. 
December – Luleå (Sweden)
Luleå is the biggest city of Swedish Lapland. It is trivial to
say that it is very cold in there, but nevertheless this city offers numerous
shops, fun, night life and all of
this is close to the world’s biggest archipelago of the brackish water with
1.312 islands, rivers and vast forests.
From September to March it
is possible to spot the wonderful aurora boreal: think how magical it would be!
Luleå has its own airport
and it is approximately 4 hour flight from Italy (3hrs 45min from Milan and 4hrs
15min from Rome). How to get to Luleå? With That Aviation Italia, Boeing
with the capacity of 189 seats.

That Aviation Italia: the broker that has the
best solution for your needs

For further information and flight price quotation please
contact us.

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