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When you speak about incentive, you speak about the events with the
goal to award and to encourage, through an incentive
, the loyalty of the client and/or that of
partners and collaborators
The incentive team is responsible for
the organization of the agenda, combining work with recreation and aggregation.
Undoubtedly, there are many things to take into consideration and in order to
get the well-deserved success, the final proposal must be captivating.
But besides the variety of the project, one of
the first elements to think about is the choice of the country and the location.
In the today’s article, we would like to suggest
you five locations in the Mediterranean
, that
stands out in their fascination, history, and the variety of offerings. And of course we will help you
to reach those destinations
with charter planes or ad hoc jet executive proposals.
Are you ready?


The Republic of Malta is an archipelago located at 80 km from Sicily and
approximately 300 km from Tunis and Libya. It is one of the smallest and
densely-populated States in the world. This country is rich in history and of
great importance for its geographical position; it is internationally
recognized as a touristic location, both for the beauty and the clarity of its
waters and for its culture. Amongst the sites declared as UNESCO World Heritage
there are: the capital Valletta (a real
jewel), the Hipogeum of Hal-Saflieni
and the megalithic temples.
But the islands of Malta are also able to offer a wide range of locations
which are able to accommodate MICE, DMC and incentive
of any kind and any dimension. THAT! proposes you: 
Situated twenty
minutes from the international airport of Malta, this gorgeous hotel is located
at St. Julian, which is one of the most fashionable locations of Malta,
directly in the splendid Marina Portomaso Yacht.
There is a wellness center available, as well as an indoor heated pool,
besides different restaurants and 21 meeting halls, a plenary hall of
approximately 964 sq. m. and a second hall, which is dividable into 3 locations
from 10 to 1330 people and an exhibition covered area of 571 sq. m.
To reach Malta, That Aviation Italia proposes A320 Airbus private plane with the capacity of
174 passengers. It is indicatively a two hour flight from Milan, but of course
it is possible to fly from all main national airports.
If instead of an actual meeting, you are thinking of a more exclusive
work trip with more restricted number of participants, we suggest you to use a private jet . 


Montenegro is located on the Balkan Peninsula on the Adriatic Sea. It
boasts countless natural beauties and has a vast and splendid mountainous area.
The airport is located 10 km from its capital Podgorica.
Montenegro became a new destination for incentive
and it is becoming even more requested. That Aviation Italia
proposes you: 
HotelMediteran 4 stars Sup. – Budva
This hotel, located directly on the Adriatic coastline, has an extremely
accurate design with precious custom made furniture and numerous artworks of
famous Montenegro painters. It has two pools (one of those is an indoor pool)
and an impressive 1600 sq. m. Spa&Wellness Center.
Its meeting center is able to host any kind of events: 12 meeting halls,
a plenary hall of 700 seats and an indoor exhibition area of 2000 sq. m.
How to arrive at Montenegro? THAT! proposes Boeing B737-400 charter
of 168 seats,
that will take you from Rome to Podgorica in approximately one hour and 15
minutes of flight.If there are less passengers, we suggest chartering
a plane
of the CRJ Bombardier line 

Turkey – Bodrum

Turkey is one of those touristic destinations that truly deserves to be
visited, because there you can see treasures in every corner. And Bodrum is
certainly one of those. The city, located on Aegean Sea, offers infinite
possibilities of cultural and leisure visits. There you can find one of the
seven wonders of the ancient world – the
Castle of St. Peter
and  we highly recommend you to include this visit
in your incentive trip. It is only a three hour flight to Bodrum from Milan and,
depending on the number of your guests, THAT! can offer different types of private planes, among which: Airbus A321 (Capacity 200
passengers) or Boeing
(Capacity 189 passengers on
board). The suggested location is: 
The hotel is located between blue and green, in the middle of a lush
pine forest on the Southern coast of the Peninsula of Bodrum, facing Aegean Sea
and it is a perfect location for business meetings, MICE,
DMC and incentive
. It has two meeting halls, one plenary hall with 270 seats and a
second one of 230 sq. m. that includes a control booth, a stage and a movable
France –
France offers an infinite number of different and highly valid
possibilities. It was not easy to choose a location in France for our today’s
proposal but, at the end we have decided to choose Deauville, in Normandy. It
is one of those locations that lately became very
requested, both for its northern beauty and the convenience of having a
comfortable airport
, that serves the whole surrounding area and reduces
the timing of transfer, optimizing the agenda of the events. THAT! proposes
The hotel has a fascinating Norman style that is able to take you back
to the Belle Époque. The Normandie is located directly on the seaside and has
17 conference rooms (all lighted with natural light), that can host  10 to 120 people, 271 rooms, a restaurant and
a bar, a 400 seat theatre and an auditorium with the capacity of 457 people. This
hotel combines work halls and festive areas: it is perfect for the glamorous MICE or DMS
Moreover, its proximity to the International Center of Deauville – that
has a patio of 2500 sq. m. and a conference hall for 1497 guests – can multiply
its reception capacity.

How to arrive to Deauville?

THAT! offers you any kind of charter planes:
(189 seats on
board), Embraer
E190  (120 seats), but also luxury
and private jets of any


Portugal – Faro

Faro is a fascinating city that combines long history and interesting
touristic attractions. It is often underestimated, but it is actually a perfect
destination for the organization of company
of big or small dimensions. Its airport
is located 7,5 km West from the city
, that simplifies all connections.
The city is surrounded by a wall that gives access to the Natural Park Ria
Formosa, that has a series of lagoons, numerous migratory birds and wild fauna.
THAT! suggests you:  
This hotel, surrounded by a green valley that dominates the beach,
stands out for its elegance and fascination. It is an oasis of comfort with
modern services and wide open spaces with a breathtaking view.
It has 15 meeting halls with the maximum capacity of 1.100 people that
are able to host company incentive and any
kind of events. The hotel also offers a football field and a golf field.Depending on the estimated number of passengers, That Aviation Italia
will take you to Faro with air Charter starting
with aircrafts such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier,
and to private
jet charter.


Let yourself be inspired!


THAT!: the broker that has always an immediate solution for you.

For any further information and flight price
please contact us.

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