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Nowadays, we can take an airplane very easily. Booking a flight has become extremely easy and it only takes a few minutes!

Whether it is a scheduled commercial flight or a Low Cost flight, we can book it with numerous travel agencies or directly online, or by using a very simple app on our mobile phone.
But when it comes to charter a plane, you can rely on That Aviation Italia and Travel Incentive Agencies, the Destination Management Companies and all of those operators who are directly connected to the world of the private plane chartering.

But whether there is a need to buy an airplane ticket or to organize a charter flight, you always want to make a good deal: lower prices and higher quality!

We hardly think about the market price of an airplane we are flying with…
Instead it could be very helpful to know, in order to appreciate more the vehicle that allows us to sail the skies, high above the clouds, while comfortably sitting in our seat.

All right, no one (or at least the majority of us) wakes up in the morning with the idea of buying an airplane…

But if you wanted to have a better knowledge about the world of Aviation, to know what kind of investment makes an Airline Company or you would like to have a better vision of the economic, financial and social aspects of this sector, than it could be very useful to know the market value of an aircraft and would give you a better understanding of this world.

Let’s be specific, the Airline Companies do not own all of the aircrafts in their fleet…

The costs are so high that many of them are in use with long-term and different leasing contracts (ACMI is one of them).
According to an article taken from “Corriere della Sera” of 2017, Alitalia has 123 aircrafts, among which there are 82 leasing aircrafts. Perhaps not all Airline Companies have so many aircrafts in leasing, but on average, also other Airline Companies, including charter plane companies, use this system that allows them to increase the number of available aircrafts in their fleet.

In most cases, it is the charter plane colossus such as AerCap, Alc or Cit Aerospace that have ownership of the carriers and allow the single Airline Companies to use their airplanes to schedule their flights.

Have we succeeded in our intention? Have we managed to arouse your curiosity?

If so, we would like to list the prices of the main Boeing and Airbus group aircrafts, which we got from their website, through the platform search support and the official data gathering.

The aircraft with the highest price?

For now, and according to the price list, published directly on the airline company’s website, the aircraft with the highest price is the Airbus A380 worth 445,6 million USD, which is followed by Boeing 777-900 – 425,8 million USD.

From the Airbus family, the aircraft with the lowest price is the A318, with its cost of “only” 77,4 million USD. In between there are Airbus A320 (from 101 to 110,6 million USD), Airbus A321 (from 118,3 to 129,5 million USD), A330 (from 238,5 to 296,4 million USD) and A350 (from 280,6 to 366,5 million USD).

Instead, from the Boeing family, the most “economical” aircraft is B737-700, that can be acquired for 85,8 million USD, but of course the cost of the B737 gets higher according to its specifics, with its costs getting as high as 102,2 million USD for the B737-800 version, and 129,9 million USD for Boeing 737 MAX 10 version.

On average, Boeing B767 costs 210 million USD, while the price of B787 model starts from 239 million USD and arrives to 281 million USD.
As we have already seen before, the Boeing B777 is the most expensive model with its maximum price of 425,6 million USD, but the B777-200ER version is definitely less expensive with its cost of 295,2 million USD.

And what about other types of aircrafts?

An Embraer Legacy 500, from the Jet executive family, costs approximately 20 million USD, while a Bombardier Global 6000, from the long-range business jet category, exceeds the 60,5 million USD.

These numbers will give you a general idea…

This is the price overview; a glance at the costs of an airplane or a private jet and the prices of the most famous and well-known models. Maybe this could help us to enjoy differently and certainly with a greater awareness, the comfortability of our seats the next time we take a flight.

For sure we will observe better its livery, its engines, its internal configuration when we board. Perhaps we will be less critical or maybe more, who knows!

What is certain is, unless you are an Airline Company or a very wealthy oil tycoon, it is more convenient to charter a plane when you need one, don’t you think so?

We, from That Aviation Italia are experts in this field. We have been on the air charter broker market for more than fifteen years and we are always ready to put at your disposal our competency and our professionalism to help you to choose the best solution for your needs.

Our proposals always offer only the best solutions, which are studied according to your specific needs and our assistance is provided H24/7.


That Aviation Italia: the broker that makes the difference.

For any further information and flight price quotation, please contact us.

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