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When organizing a corporate incentive trip, the ultimate goal is to achieve what is commonly called the “WOW effect!!!”


Often, the final client has no idea what he wants exactly but expects something special, something that can amaze and ignite enthusiasm. And what to do when a hypothetical destination of the event is not clear?

The incentive agency will study the proposal of a program capable of taking client’s and participant’s breath away. Private flights, recreational and cultural program, gala dinner and location are the ingredients that will be carefully blended together to achieve a quality result.

Therefore, the first step is to define the budget and once established, the next step will be to look for the appropriate solutions.

The initial step is the planning of flights and That Aviation Italia offers to Convention Agencies its know-how and its professionalism, ensuring all the necessary attention to meet the needs of the customization of the air transfer. Starting from the personalization of the aircraft’s interior design to the customization of the gate and the check-in areas, That Aviation Italia is always at the service of the client to satisfy all of his specific requests.

Whether the budget is high or not, there are many locations capable of triggering the “Wow!!!” effect


Here are some that particularly struck us:

  • Hotel Alfonso XIII – Seville
    This 5-star hotel has particularly impressed us for the particularity of the location and the elegance of the halls and of its design. It has four splendid meeting halls worthy of a building and, among these, the magnificent Salón Real, which stands out for its elegant, classic decorations and coffered ceilings: a space with a maximum capacity of 350 people that will leave your guests speechless.
    There are five functional rooms in modern style for working moments.
  • Galgorm Resort & Spa – Northern Ireland
    If you are looking for a location that guarantees discretion and induces the concentration, the Galgorm Resort & Spa is your choice!
    This beautiful resort boasts a wonderful golf course and the largest spa area in Europe. It is located only 20 minutes away from Belfast International Airport and less than two hours from Dublin, and has meeting halls with a maximum capacity of 250 people in traditional style, set in 200 acres of greenery.
  • Chia Laguna Resort – Sardinia
    This resort is composed of 4 hotels and a multipurpose area of 1,500 square meters dedicated to congress meetings with 7 rooms for a maximum capacity of 950 people, distributed in a large green area that slopes directly onto a beautiful beach of fine white sand.
    We recommend it because this structure fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape and nature and where the scents and colours will be able to create that magical atmosphere that is the prelude to the success of your event.
  • The Hermitage Hotel – St. Petersburg
    If you want to go beyond the imaginable, you should consider this location! It is the official state hotel of the Hermitage museum, built in absolute agreement with the noblest and richest Russian style.
    Inaugurated in 2013, the furnishing and architecture was expertly designed to recreate the atmosphere of the Winter Palace.
    The Rossi room, used for events and banquets, is one of the most luxurious rooms and features some elements of the Throne Room design of the Winter Palace.
    It’s like a real daydream!!!
  • Sextantio The Caves of Civita – Matera
    And finally, we recommend this hotel, which is a real treat! It is not very large and has only 18 rooms but has a very well equipped meeting hall for a maximum capacity of 20 people plus a second larger hall (maximum capacity 100 people) in the proximity of the hotel.
    This location is not suitable for large-scale conferences but this is its peculiarity that we cannot help but report it.
    It is called “diffused hotel” because its rooms are inside the caves. The furnishings are custom built and embedded in the rocks to create an effect of continuity, while the linen is entirely woven by hand. The meeting hall consists of the deconsecrated church of the hotel.
    The setting, the attention to details and the overall atmosphere are so special that we are sure that your guests will be bewitched.

The possibilities are truly endless and these, of course, are just a few, the ones that most impressed us.
But just as the locations of the destination can be so different between each other and offer their services according to different tastes and styles, you can also “play” on the diversity of the air transport of the different type of proposed aircraft and outfitting, in perfect agreement with the client’s needs.

Let your imagination fly and follow our suggestions. In most cases, what we can imagine we can also realize!
Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. (Henry Ford) and THAT! is your partner, not just a provider.


That Aviation Italia: At your side in the choices that make the difference.

For any further information and flight price quotations, please contact us.

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