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We are constantly being warned with alarming messages on the pollution situation and, objectively, we cannot help but feel worried because even without the need for big titles in the newspapers or on the news, the state of general degradation of our cities, of our seas and of the air we breathe is perceptible to everyone.

A situation for which it is essential to intervene urgently, but on which the parties cannot find an agreement on the lines to follow. It is clear that there are many interests involved …

However, even we, individual citizens can do our part. It is important to work not only on the reduction of CO2 emissions or on the plastic production, but on a system of judgment, because it is the first step that goes towards the changes in our ways of thinking and in our habits. We must learn to respect the environment and to renounce to those things that can be harmful to the ecosystem and which we are aware of.

But what does this mean within the world of tourism? How is the concept of Eco-sustainable Tourism applied and promoted? Is there a definition of Sustainable tourism?

According to the World Tourism Organization the Sustainable Tourism is a form of tourism that “satisfies the needs of travellers and of the hosting regions and, at the same time, protects and improves opportunities for the future”.
This definition is very similar to that of Ecotourism, which is the “tourism in natural areas that must contribute to the protection of nature and to the well-being of local populations”.
But Sustainable Tourism does not consider only the “holiday” itself, but also everything that revolves around it: transport, travel practices, accommodation facilities, etc.

So how can we practice the Sustainable Tourism? And, in our case, how can its concept be applied in the organization of incentive trips?

Here is some food for thought:


Ways of travelling
In our previous article we have already seen that  Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Nasa and Esa are already working hard on the alternative fuel solutions to be used for air transport and that some Airline Companies are already using fuels made of waste oil for their commercial flights.
On long distances, the choice of the flight (whenever it is charter or scheduled flight) remains the best solution.

But, once you arrive at your destination, you can choose to avoid to use regular car and can opt for electric or hybrid vehicles, or to use public transport.

In the organization of an Incentive, we can contribute to avoiding pollution with prudent choices that will certainly be rewarding both from the moral point of view and that of the success of the Team Building.


Accommodation facilities
It is very important to choose accommodation facilities that apply eco-sustainable standards. For example, facilities that produce clean energy through photovoltaic panels, use water flow reducers, ecological cleaning products and offer their guests menus with local specialities at km 0.

•    Orientation is not impossible, because there are many certifications and awards that reward the most careful and scrupulous realities.

For example the Eco Bio Turismo certification, issued by  ICEA, which rewards those tourist facilities that reduce energy consumption, make rational use of water and engage in waste reduction and separate waste collection.

Also, the culinary proposal has its impact and it is very rewarding when it is local, possibly at km 0 and organic food, because this choice reduces CO2 emissions (related to the transportation of non-local food production), the pollution produced by use of pesticides and promotes and brings benefit to the local economy.

How to orient yourself when choosing eco-sustainable hotels?

There are several Associations that promotes this concept. But there are also hotel groups that were specifically created to promote the environmental protection and which, in case of meetings and congresses, are also able to provide optimal solutions and to create the least possible impact on the environment providing:


  • The calculation of CO2 emissions required for the realization of the event
  • Calculation of paper consumption or other compatible material.
  • The provision of sustainable means of transport.
  • Sustainable menus at 0 km
  • A Coffee Break without the use of bottled water
  • High-quality, low-power LED lighting
  • Renewable energy sources


And in addition to this they also undertake the promotion of sustainable development projects to compensate CO2 emissions produced by companies meeting.

Not bad, right?
In our opinion this conscious choice is absolutely rewarding also in terms of the final success of the Incentive, DMC or MICE and that the final client and the guests themselves will certainly express a favorable judgment on the careful selection of the receptive structure and of the quality of supplied services.

That Aviation Italia suggests you some locations specifically designed to accommodate company events in a total accordance with the concept of eco-sustainability:

NH Collection Barcelona Gran Hotel Calderón – Barcelona
Barcelona has always been one of the most sought-after incentive destinations.
This luxury hotel is located very close to the Ramblas, Passeig de Gràcia – the most beautiful shopping street of the city – and to emblematic buildings such as Batlló, Casa Milà (La Pedrera), La Sagrada Familia and the Picasso Museum, which allows to visit local attractions directly on foot, without having to use means of transport.
It has 255 rooms in an elegant and modern style and a beautiful rooftop swimming pool with a 360 ° view of Barcelona.
There are 9 meeting halls available which can accommodate from 9 to 350 people, and which are ideal for conferences, conventions and all kinds of Team Building.

Finally, this hotel is home to the starred restaurant Tablafina, which proposes a refined menu with the use of local products.

Aqualuxhotel – Bardolino, Lake Garda
This completely eco compatible hotel, is located on the Verona side of Lake Garda and it is only 25 km away from the historic centre of Verona.
It offers 125 rooms in modern style, with essential lines that reproduce the colours of nature and of the earth.
It has a large SPA with 8 pools and 6 meeting halls, which offer functional and adaptable spaces for the best solutions and organizational needs for a maximum capacity of 278 people.
The Conference Centre covers an area of 1200 square meters.
The hotel has a rich and excellent wine cellar and offers tastings of localy produced wines and oil.

When organizing your next corporate meeting, do not miss the opportunity to do some good for the nature. Choose wisely, because it is possible to create an eco-sustainable event!


That Aviation Italia: The Broker attentive to your every need.

For any further information and flight price quotation please contact us.

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