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The TTG of Rimini (10 – 12 October) that has just concluded, has proven once again to be the most important Italian touristic marketplace. This great event, awaited by all operators of the field, in its 55th edition included 150 destinations, 2.500 companies, 1.500 international buyers for a total of 73.000 visitors.
Each year this platform ensures the promotion of the worlds tourism in the Italian market and marketing of Italian touristic offers worldwide. In this centre are conducted interviews, discussed important questions, held courses or/and trainings and presented all the news concerning Italian and worldwide tourism.
This marketplace is highly specialized and totally business wise, reserved only for the professional operators in order to simplify direct meetings between public and private touristic firms with the leading companies specialized in selling national and international products.
Of course THAT! could not miss this event!
We have just come back from IFTM Top Resa 2018, which was held in Paris from 25th to 28th of September (a TTG similar international event, which is held in France) and since we were already full of new stimulus, we could not miss our appointment with this national event per excellence.
The Rimini TTG is a great track, which apart from bringing together supply and demand, it is also a place of learning and updating in all of the themes of this field, a place of confrontation and of identifying of new consumption trends. A place where to find new contacts and develop new touristic ideas. All in one place!
Amongst many topics that have been discussed at TTG Travel Experience, some data’s of fundamental changes have emerged. First of all, the great importance of social channels and the power of the influencers.
Starting from 2016, Extreme srl launched a real observatory campaign on this reality. The company gathered millions of data’s whose syntax revealed to operators of touristic sector the real dynamics and numbers that stand behind posts and glossy photos. It also reveals how this reality has also managed to reach the economical and commercial power, starting from a pure influence authority (check out the case of ex-rugby player Jeremy Jauncer).
“The influencers refined their techniques and improved their strategies, which is a further guaranty for those who recruit them for the company campaigns”, said Riccardo Di Marcantonio.

Also the Polytechnic University of Milan made its research in Tourism and digital World and, according to its results, even though the 76% of this market is still “non digital”, if it grows 1% more the digital part will take a leap to 8%. The digital funnel goes always faster and the need of interaction and direct relations through chat and social media becomes always more important and determinant.

Another data emerged from the TTG Travel Experience is the change in the travelling expectations by those who approach it. It is not about the “relaxation trip” anymore, but it is an “occasion for changes”. It is not about “magic and fun”, but it is a concept of “testing yourself and overcoming your limits and fears”.
New models of consumption privilege the transformation, the fiction, the surreal in a continuous game of space and time, between the search of yourself and the exceedance of your limits. The request keeps going towards ad hoc custom travelling that moves your inner person.
The tendency goes towards the building of custom experience, highly personalized at the expenses of traditional standards.

That Aviation Italia can confirm this data. In the field of charter flight market, the requests of highly personalized aircrafts, services, boarding areas and everything concerning the air transfer is a key element which is requested in the area of meetings and congresses, MICE and DMC; but also in the world of football teams, basketball teams etc., arriving to the point of the personalization ad personam of the headrest cover!

Of course, besides being a place where to examine new trends and new market dynamics, the TTG is also a place of meetings between different operators of touristic sectors and for us it is an occasion for updating, for work meetings and a good way see friends and colleagues.
Our next appointment will be in London from 13th to 17th of November at the World Travel Market that enlists MICE sectors, Airline Companies, Cruises, Hotels, Automobile renting, Tourist Operators and tourism in general.
It will be another occasion for commercial meetings and for further updating, because in order to offer a right product, first of all it is essential to know what the market wants and possibly foresee the request offering a custom product.
Experience, competence and professional capability are those key points that have always highlighted our Company.
That Aviation Italia: your trusted broker.
For any further information and price quotation please contact us.

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