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Valencia Marathon is the fastest Marathon in Spain. It is a very unique experience to run in it!!! My running partners kept saying: “You’ll see that when you start from the bridge it is really awesome and the arrival to the border of the water will give you the shivers!” But I thought that the course would be the same just like all the others… but it wasn’t. It is a unique joy from the start to the finish with its 42 km of music, smiles, incitement and emotions.

While running, you can see and recognize the runners from all over the world – different people, but all united by the same goal: to reach the finish line and to have fun. Our adventure started at sunrise of the previous day when a group of 30 friends reunited on the shuttle of Magenta headed to the Milano Malpensa Airport.


Afterwards, we got on board of a private flight directed to Valencia. Our hotel was located near Expo area where the Marathon took place, and it was close to the city centre which is easily reachable with a few minutes of a very affordable taxi drive.

The area of the starting and pick-up point of the participants’ number, seemed a surrealistic place with its architecture created in order to strengthen your limbs and intensify your senses! Then, there was the effective run. It is easy to lose your concentration while being overwhelmed by the euphoria… From the 5 months of the beginning of the training the desire of trying it was so strong as well as living 3 days of adventure together with my group discovering new emotions.


This is why we offer again a special flight to Valencia, but this time with one more night that will give you more time to enjoy the city and its hospitality.The flight departures from Malpensa airport at 11.30 on November 17th with the return from Valencia on Monday 20th at 5pm. We will be there; and you?

For further information and price quotation please contact us.

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