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Sadly, the summer holidays have finished almost for everyone but, for the football supporters the end of the summer holidays symbolizes the beginning of the new football season.

The 118th football season 2019/2020 will last 38 days and will be divided into three midweek rounds with four stops for the national team matches. It is the nine-month Championship plan, at the end of which will be played the 2020 European Championship and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: a nice program for all sports supporters!

And, of course, That Aviation Italia is ready, both as sports fan and as the ad hoc charter flights organizers for the “old” and new teams and for the supporters, with new proposals and customized solutions to best meet their needs.

THAT! has always been the official provider for the most prestigious Italian football teams and the many years of experience in organizing private flights for the football fans makes us a reliable and secure partner.

If you are a fan and want to follow your favourite team, look for the most congenial solution!
The charter flight is not only the most advantageous solution from an economic point of view but it also takes into account the problems of work and time. For this, the timetable is studied in such a way as to allow a quick transfer without having to lose working days or, in any case, to minimize the waiting time between arrival and departure.

The Fan Club and the specialized travel agencies organize charter flights for all of the most important matches in order to guarantee to their teams the support of their fans also during matches in transfer. And That Aviation Italia is among the main charter providers during these particular and deeply felt occasions.

Which are the 20 teams of the new A Series Championship?

Napoli, Juve, Atalanta, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari, Genoa, Inter, Lazio, Lecce, Milan, Roma, Spal, Sampdoria, Sassuolo, Torino, Udinese, Verona, Fiorentina e Parma.

It immediately appears evident that there is a preponderance of teams from the North – as many as 15! – with four teams from Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy and two teams from Piedmont and Liguria .

The new T-shirts, introduced before the summer holidays, are proposed with a more or less innovative look even though not always perfectly successful, reporting, as usual, the names of the sponsors both on the front and on the back.


Did you notice that three teams have an Airline Company among their sponsors?

  • Verona: Air Dolomiti
  • Milan: Fly Emirates
  • Roma: Qatar Airways


What are instead the new rules of the Championship that has just begun?

Here are the rules approved by the IFAB (International Board of FIFA):

1. The coaches also risk being given yellow and red cards.
And they will also be responsible for the misconduct of the other substitute players.
Great news!

2. Referee hit?
It is no longer considered as an “unintentional neutral deviation” but the game will be interrupted and then restarted with the referee’s giving the ball to the goalkeeper.

3. The forwards of the opposing team will have to be at least one meter away from the other team’s barrier, on the sides or behind it, without being able to create “disturbances”.

4. Handball:
All hand goals, even involuntary ones, will be nullified, except for those when the player
hits his arm against the ball while kicking it.

5. Slipping:
If during a slip the player touches the ball with one hand or arm away from the body,
it will be considered a foul.
Instead it will not be considered a foul if hand and arm are close to the body.

6. Yellow card “delayed”:
In front of the tactical foul, the forward team will be able to finish its action and the referee will be able to show the card only at the end of the action.

7. “Double Ball” abolition.
When the referee stops the game without whistling a foul, the ball will be delivered directly to the goalkeeper, while the opponents will have to stand at least four meters away.

8. The goalkeeper is no longer obliged to keep both feet on the goal line at the time of the penalty kick but may keep one over the line.

9. With the new rules, the pressing can also take place within the penalty area.
When the goalkeeper touches the ball for the throw-in, the forward opponent player may enter the
16 meters area and the goalkeeper is no longer obliged to throw it outside the perimeter but may pass it
directly to his team players in the area.

Even the substitutions will undergo some changes, because according to the new provisions the player should leave the field at the nearest point of his position, in order to speed up the process.


Which are the favourite teams for the scudetto?

Obviously, it is Juventus which is the current champion team for eight consecutive years and which last season left behind the Napoli by 11 points and by 21 points the Atalanta and Inter – its main rivals.

In addition to Juventus, the other favorites are, precisely, Napoli and Inter which, thanks to new investments and continuity of projects, have the credentials to “disturb” the undisputed queen, the Juve.

In addition to the A Serie Championship we are also at the beginning of the Champions League season where That Aviation Italia for years, supports Italian teams for European travel and for fans that follows them.


We are ready. Are you?

Let the best team win!


That Aviation Italia: Air charter broker with the passion for the sport.

For any further information and flight price quotation please contact us.


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