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Long-range trips are always enthusiastic. They take you far from the
routine and give you everything that is strictly connected to your habits and your
culture, but when you take a long trip flying from one side of the globe to
another, some discomfort (which is linked to the biological adaptation of the
body to the new time zone) might occur. The
greater the distance, the greater will be the time difference from the
departure point. Going West, you are coming back in time; going East you are
moving forward.
This sudden time change, when taking a flight, might cause discomfort which
is scientifically recognized as Jet Lag.

But what is it?


The Jet Lag or travel fatigue, as it is also called, is a disturbance
resulting from the quick passage through different time zones, that forces the
body to the fast adaptation to the new rhythms of day/night and rest/activity.
The greater the number of crossed-time zones the greater will be the
possibility of having to deal with this discomfort resulting from the
adaptation of the body to the new situation. It could take several days to
overcome this discomfort and the most common symptoms
are sleep-related: insomnia
(falling asleep during trips to the East and early awakenings during trips to
West), daytime drowsiness, headache, the difficulty to
, nausea, loss of appetite and a general
sense of fatigue

What can be done to reduce these symptoms?


Here are some simple advises:


General behavior

  • Start to follow the rhythms of
    the new time zone
    before departing, several days in advance, slowly begin
    moving closer the hours of the meals and those of waking up and going to sleep
    to the hours of the new time zone. Once at the destination, try to maintain the
    rhythms of the new time zone: even if you feel sleepy, avoid sleeping during
    the day and try to regulate yourself following the local time;
  • Pay attention to the diet! It is recommended to avoid eating heavily the day before the departure and
    during the flight. If you need to stay awake during the flight (if you arrive
    at night you will need go to sleep), it is better to eat proteins. If instead
    you want to take the opportunity to rest during the flight, in order to be
    active at the destination, it is better to choose food that is rich in sugar
    and carbohydrates, because it helps to fall asleep;
  • Always keep yourself hydrated, therefore it is
    recommended to drink as much water as possible and to avoid any kind of energy
    beverage like tea or coffee and especially alcoholic drinks;

Exposure to

According to a study, conducted by researchers
from the Stanford University School of Medicine, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, the
exposure of people to brief flashes of light while they are asleep represents
an easy, fast and efficient method of preventing
the jet lag
. The test, which was conducted on 39 volunteers, show that a
sequence of flashes of 2 milliseconds (as that of a camera) at a distance of 10
seconds created a lag of approximately two hours and a half in the outbreak of
the sleepiness. The new generation aircrafts like the Airbus A350-900 or the Airbus A350-XWB and the Boeing B787 have on board a
Led illumination system that simulates the time passing, providing the right
type of illumination at a right moment. In fact during the trip, the lights
change their color according to the time zone,
likely simulating the natural sunlight illumination. The blue light is used for
the hours of work and reading, red warm for providing a pleasant restaurant
atmosphere on board during meals, blue half light for sleeping while attending
to arrive at the destination.
A help from the
Also the technology helps us to overcome the jet lag. In fact, there are
different Apps available that can be very helpful

  • Jet Lag Rooster Group created an App, which is also used by the
    airline companies for their pilots and flight crew training, that suggests when
    to expose yourself to the sunlight and when to avoid it;
  • Entrain  – developed by the
    University of Michigan, is a summary of advises on how to restore your
    circadian rhythm fast and without traumas;
  • SleepBot instead, was mainly developed
    for tracking your sleep and possibly making it better. The App uses smartphone
    sensors to register the sounds and movements you make while sleeping;
  • Sleep as Android – besides tracking the cycles of sleep, it is also an
    intelligent alarm clock. It produces graphics of sleep cycles and deficit
    stats, distinguishing the phases of deep sleep, the moments of snoring and it
    wakes you up at the right moment and makes you fall asleep with a selection of
    nature sounds.

Flying with a private plane choosing
your timing

As a charter broker, we
would like to suggest you a custom charter plane or
a private jet where you can freely decide the hour of the departure in order to minimize
the problems connected to jet lag
: a late morning departure if you are
going West, in order to arrive at the destination in the afternoon; a departure
in the evening, if you are going East, in order to arrive in the morning after
sleeping on board.
Choosing the right configuration of the private plane, that will guarantee you the maximum
comfort during the flight, is a plus that will help you to reduce the stress of
a long trip.
Moreover a charter plane will give
you the possibility of choosing the menu, which will
be more suited for your flight. Therefore, following the expert’s advises as
above, a meal that is rich in proteins, if you must stay awake when flying
West, or a meal rich in sugar and carbohydrates if you want to sleep during the
flight when going East.
If you are planning a group work trip or
if you have to organize company meetings, incentive trips, medical
or any kind of company event and want to arrive at the
destination without difficulty of concentration or a general sense of fatigue,
which can jeopardize your appointments, than choose a private


THAT!: the broker that pays attention to your needs.

For further information and flight price
please contact us.

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