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When a person travels a lot for work and takes several flights, which are very close to each other, for the businessman and for his Company, it becomes essential to have the best offer in terms of costs, comfort and convenience of the flights.

There are many differences between chartering a plane and flying in first class. The charter private plane offers numerous advantages. The main one is certainly the flexibility which, by itself is able to transform the habits of flying. Within the framework of business trip, the ability to move freely and an easy timetable optimization, are not minor parameters (a good example is the transfers of series A football teams, where sport and business are bound together, and the respect of time is essential) and it is important to take them into consideration.

So how to choose between a flight in business class and a private jet?

If we compare the costs, it is obvious that the first class or business class airplane ticket is more convenient than a charter private plane, but if instead of a single person flying there is a small group of people, then everything changes, and the costs of the trip are getting closer. Besides, depending on the destination, it is not always easy to find the availability of a comfortable commercial flight in terms of route and time.

The private jet charter includes the payment for the entire airplane and the number of passengers depends only on its dimensions.
So, what is it that makes the difference and could make the choice of chartering private jet more reasonable?

  • The division of final costs among the number of passengers
  • The possibility of flying in more congenial hours
  • The advantage of the possibility of landing at those airports which are not easily reachable by the commercial planes (which require longer runways) and which are closer to the final destination.

When someone thinks about jets, he/she is more likely to imagine famous people, stars and VIP’s who fly from one big city to another, to participate in elegant mundane events. But, in reality, private planes essentially are requested for work. Whether they are small dimensions airplanes like Learjet, light jets, Cessna Citation etc., or bigger airplanes like Falcon 7X, Bombardier Global 5000, Airbus A319 ACJ, Boeing BBJ etc., the main reason of chartering is almost always the organization of company meetings.

But let’s talk about airplanes of small dimension and capacity; what are the advantages of flying with a private plane?

  • A private jet can reach even the smallest local airport in most congenial hours;
  • If it is an international route, all of the bureaucratic practices are done in a special preferential lane, including the security in the terminals, which never has queues. The time saving is guaranteed because it is possible to check-in and departure quickly, without stress and queues;
  • If the work trip has a series of stops in different cities, a private charter jet allows you to organize a real “intensive tour”, without wasting your time and energy;
  • If the program of your trip has to be flexible and must take into consideration the possibility of prolonged meetings with timings that are not always respected, the executive airplane allows you to schedule the departure and to use the time you have to the very last minute, in total efficiency. Certainly, this option could never be offered by a commercial flight!
  • The internal arrangement of a private business jet allows you to have meetings also during the flight: the privacy is guaranteed! And this is an important advantage for those groups that have the necessity to use at best their time in total comfort, calm and relax, which first class or business class flights cannot provide.

So, thinking well about all of the advantages, the true question that a society that operates at high levels must make is not “how much does it cost”, but “what could be the disadvantages, in general terms, of not flying with a private jet”!

If in today’s frenetic market the “time is money” and if the large competitor societies are able to optimize their meetings fast with your potential clients, what impression could result from it?
If your best collaborators are still in flight, while the colleagues from the competitor societies have already made their return home to their families or are in the office because they are already “free”, how could this affect the commercial operations, moral and gratification of your most important collaborators?
If this collaborator were you, what Agency would you choose to work with? The one that allows you to reach your goal by optimizing time and leaving space for your personal life or the one that forces you to follow fixed hours of a commercial plane?

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too” (Paulo Coelho)

And That Aviation Italia is always at your side to offer you the best solution at the best price


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