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We will close the year 2018 with the official ranking of the world’s
best airports. Each year the British society Skytrax, that operates in
the field of civil Aviation, compiles special rankings dedicated to the airline
companies and airports, that help travelers find the best services for their
needs. Even though the ranking regards only commercial
and low cost airline companies, without taking into specific consideration
the charter planes companies, we think that
this data could also be significant in the world of charter
private planes
and could be also interesting for all of the incentive trip agencies, convention
, MICE, DMC, etc. 

Skytrax is also one of the most well-known organizations of the field
for its annual awards of prestigious recognitions of the different flight companies,
among them the World Airline Awards. The study was
made with the data gathered from the travelers from all the world during the World
Airport Survey 2017-2018
and the winner, for the sixth
consecutive year, was the Singapore airport of Changi. We from That Aviation
Italia had the pleasure to transit through this airport and we assure you that
it is really a rare pearl of an airport. The well-deserved first place!

Here is the top 10 ranking:

1.       Singapore
The airport connects the travelers with more than 200 destinations all
over the world, with 5000 weekly arrivals and departures from 80 international
airline companies. In 2017 the Changi airport celebrated a milestone, serving
60 million passengers from almost 100 countries from all over the world. 
2.       Seoul
The international airport of Incheon is the biggest aerodrome of South
Korea and one of the most busiest stopovers in the world. In the past it won
the title Airport of the Year at the World Airport Awards and in 2018 it was named
the winner of the World’s Best Airport Staff award. 
3.       Tokyo
The international airport Haneda of Tokyo has both national and
international terminals and plays a very important role in furthering Japan’s development
as a tourism-orientated nation. It was voted the World’s Cleanest Airport and the World Best Domestic
in 2018.
4.       Hong
The international airport of Hong Kong serves over 100 airline companies,
operating flights to approximately 180 locations all over the world, including
44 destinations on the Continental China. It is a former multiple winner of the
Airport of the Year title at the World Airport Awards. The Hong Kong
international stopover was voted as the World’s Best Transit Airport and also as the Best Airport for
the Dining
in 2018. 
5.       Doha Hamad
Hamad is the international airport for Doha, the capital of Qatar. Its
Terminal can accommodate up to 30 millions passengers a year and it has been
described as the most architectonically significant terminal complex in the
world and the most luxurious one. The international airport of Hamad was voted
the 2018 Best Airport
in the Middle East
6.       Munich
The Munich airport is the second busiest German airport and it is the
secondary hub for Lufthansa German Airlines, which was ranked the sixth in the
best airline companies ranking. It has connections to destinations all over the
world, and much more. With more than 150 retail stores and some 50 places where
it is possible to eat and drink, it is like a city center that offers the
travelers a lot to see and do. Munich was nominated as the Best Airport in Europe for 2018. 
7.       Centrair
In 2014, 9.8 million passengers travelled through the international
Central Airport of Japan in Nagoya, best known as Centrair. The airport has a high percentage of domestic flights
with a number of regional routes operated for such cities as Bangkok and
Singapore. The longer routes include Helsinki, Frankfurt, Honolulu and Detroit.
Centrair was named the  World’s Best Regional
in 2018. 
8.       London
The Heathrow stopover is the most used airport in the United Kingdom and
also the busiest in Europe by passenger traffic. In 2018, the Terminal 2 of
Heathrow was voted as the World’s Best Airport Terminal. 
9.       Zurich
The airport of Zürich is the largest international aerodrome of
Switzerland and is the hub for Swiss International Airlines. In 2018, the
airport of Zurich was voted as the World’s Best Airport
by Passenger numbers: 20-30 millions

10.   Frankfurt
The airport of Frankfurt, with its 98 airline companies and 250
destinations in 105 different countries, is the base of Lufthansa. It is the largest
airport in Germany and the third biggest in Europe. Frankfurt Airport has a
direct connection to the high-speed European network of German Rail. It is
being planned to build a third passenger’s Terminal. 

If in the organization of your incentive
you want to impress your clients also with the airport service and the Terminal
of the arrival, you can draw inspiration from this ranking. We from That
Aviation Italia are always ready to give you the best flight solutions with
professionalism that has always distinguished our Company. 

Happy New Year to all and… Cheers
to 2019! 


That Aviation Italia: the charter broker,
always attentive to the details.
For any further information and flight price
please contact us.

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