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It is always great to arrive to the airport ready for an exiting trip! You are full of expectations and can not wait to get on board of an airplane to start a new journey…But first you have to pass through check-in to complete the boarding procedure and sometimes some unpleasant situations may occur, like when you are asked to pay extra excess luggage… As we all know, it is possible to check or to get on board the luggage only with a curtain weight that vary from one Airline Company to another and also depends on the airplane rout range.
Therefore, it is important to be very careful and to control beforehand the luggage standards of the Airline Company you are flying with and to make sure that your luggage enters within allowed limits.
Lately there have been a lot of controversies due to the weight and measures standards modifications of some Low CostAirline Companies that have been significantly reduced. But why is the luggage weight so important?
The weight and measures regulations certainly have a commercial character and of course an oversize luggage requires an ad hoc handling that goes beyond standard procedure, because nowadays this process is automatized for the costs reduction, and therefore the prices become higher. This can be a commercial choice also because it encourages a client to acquire a privileged ticket category that enables a larger flexibility (see the news ) from the most well-known Low Cost Airline Companies). But these regulations are also related to the fuel consumption, because, the more the aircraft is heavy the more fuel it requires to reach the destinated airport. It is the aircraft Captain together with the Second Pilot who decides the exact fuel consumption and these calculations are done on base of every single checked luggage. This is why the Airline Companies insist on luggage weight limits! The aircrafts are flying with the right fuel quantity plus an extra safety margin. The more the aircraft is lighter the faster it is; the heavier it is, the slower its speed and the more fuel it requires.
Normally the same Airline Company that allows lighter luggage on short/middle-range routs, permits the heavier luggage boarding on the long-range routs, because it is assumed that the permanence period at a further destination would be longer; but this is not a rule and it is left to the discretion of each Airline Company.

And not to speak about the unfortunate eventually of luggage loss, which is always a very unpleasant experience. Also in this case it is the Airline Company you fly with, that is responsiblefor the luggage retrieving which most of the times occurs very quickly, even though the discomfort is inevitable.

Instead, these problems are being minimised almost to zero when it is the That Aviation Italia who organizes a charter flight, because everything, including the authorized luggage weight, is discussed during the organization phase!

Often we have to work with clients who have particular needs such as a very heavy or a non-standard equipment check-in, but since it is a custom private flight, such necessity does not represent a problem. Sometimes these needs could even determinate the type of an aircraft to be proposed to the client, because not all aircraft holds have the same capacity.

The luggage weight of every single passenger is also established according to the specific client’s request and in case that someone exceeds… no problem, everything is being resolved smoothly, right on the spot without paying an extra excess!The situation with charter jets, instead is different because, its holds have reduced dimensions and it is impossible to exceed a certain luggage weight or measurements; but these particulars are discussed in the programming and proposal phase. 
And how to handle the luggage loss when flying with a charter aircraft?
Actually it is a very rare eventuality, but honestly, it has happened to us a few times. In 16 years of our Company story, we have had very few cases of luggage loss. In these cases, the charter broker acts as an intermediary, but in any case the responsibility is that of the Airline Company, which responds directly to the passenger. Of course THAT! always supports the passenger and helps with bureaucratic procedures, but as we have already said these are really rare cases.
In short, the luggage “problem” is one of the crucial factors that makes the difference when choosing between commercial aircrafts, the Low Cost Airline Companies and a private plane. A charter aircraft offers a greater organization flexibility, that can not be compared to the commercial aircrafts, because it is personalized according to the real and specific final client’s needs and to his most particular requests from the insides setting-up to the storage in the hold. And we know it very well!
That Aviation Italia: the broker who satisfies all your needs!
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