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Travelling is the best thing in the world!
Every time we prepare our luggage, we look forward to what awaits us and already feel far from home. It does not matter whether it is a leisure trip or a business trip
The pleasure of travelling is priceless, even when it is connected to work!

But not all journeys are the same: there are people who prefer to travel by car, those who prefer to travel by trains and those, like us, who immeasurably love to travel by plane.

And if you are also a fan of sport, it may happen that the passion for travelling joins the passion for sport and, at this point, the sporting occasion can also become the occasion for a long weekend or a two/three-day trip.

For someone, passion for sport and passion for travelling became profession: we are talking about Agatino, the mind and heart of TravelMarathon.


Good morning Agatino, it is a real pleasure to have you here with us today!
Your love for sport and above all for running, combined with your passion for travelling, gave birth to TravelMarathon. Are you a Travel Agency or a Tour Operator?

Hello and thank you!
TravelMarathon is a Tour Operator which organizes sports events trips for the most important marathons.
But, at the same time TravelMarathon is also a travel agency.

How the idea of organizing specific travel proposals for the runners was born?


The idea was born, like many things in life, by pure chance!
While travelling and running the races abroad, we realized the shortcomings of some organizations and we thought that maybe we have the determination, imagination and abilities necessary to create an organization that could help the runners to live the sporting event at 360 degrees.

Agatino, have you ever thought of expanding your offer to other sports specialities?

No! I do not know the depth of everything that frames the other sports disciplines and I certainly could not offer a service suited for the expectations of the customers.
We prefer to be particularly prepared in the field of running!

And surely you are!
The market of runners is constantly growing, what kind of competition do you encounter?

We meet a very varied competition …
There are “old fashioned” agencies, very capable but struggling to keep up with modernity and other “younger ones” which are trying in an original way to create their own space in this sector.

It’s true, we also have the same perception!
But let’s change direction: what are the travel packages that are most demanded?

Well, the most requested ones are definitely the packages that match the runner to stay in the chosen location.
Sometimes, the flight may be purchased by the customer. I mean that the customer is free to choose, he can buy a package that includes a flight or not, the choice is his.

When you accompany your running group, do you also participate in the run?

There are some races that have demanding logistics and foresee different distances, from a 10 km run program to a Marathon.
Therefore, we cannot be absent during the run: it is fundamental to give assistance also in that moment. But, at the same time, I admit that only during the event of the Valencia Marathon, I allow myself to run the very fast 10 km race.

The Valencia Marathon is one of the most successful marathons among Italians. Why, in your opinion?

There are many factors. First of all, the climate – always excellent! – and then the ideal location; the rout – flat and fast, and the area of arrival and the departure, which is among the most beautiful in the world.
Not to mention the fact that Valencia offers many attractions to those who accompany the runners of the Marathon.

We have been collaborating for some years now for the  Valencia Marathon what is the difference for you as a manager, between using a scheduled flight or a charter flight?

The difference is the quality and safety of the offered services.
There are assigned seats, prices “without surprises”, as well as the date and times of departure/arrival perfectly fitting with the event. Not a little, I would say …

What are the advantages for the final customer (for a runner) to use a private charter flight?

The advantages are the total security of being able to rely on a professional who organizes a quality service that meets all of the specific requirements of the case and, therefore, it is tailor-made for the customer.

What are the perspectives for the next Valencia Marathon?

The perspectives are those of increasing the number of participants and guaranteeing excellent customer service.

And it seems to me that the possibilities for growth are absolutely founded, considering that the first charter flight is already sold-out and that the request is such as to have planned a second charter flight!
Agatino, we thank you for your time and see you on board one of the two charter for Valencia, departing on November 29th from the airport of Milan Malpensa!


That Aviation Italia: your trusted broker.

For any further information and flight price quotation, please contact us.

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