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When you have to do a presentation of a marketing operation, the result of a campaign, a new product or a new business plan, the best way to do it is with an incentive trip.

What is an incentive?
Incentive trips are promotional trips which are intended to motivate employees and collaborators to create a strong team spirit. In fact, it is proven that when relationship between colleagues become stronger it creates a sense of belonging and, at that point, the results of work also improve. Achieving the goals becomes the common goal!

However, an incentive tour can also be a customer’s reward upon reaching a determined budget, such as incentive of retention.

In short, the incentive is full-fledged corporate award trip. It has work goals, but it also leaves free time for the guests, who can decide to use it at will or by participating in the various activities proposed by the agency of business meetings organization or directly by the company staff, when a specialized agency is not involved.

There are many destinations from which to choose for the incentive tourism and today we propose you Istanbul.

The best way to fly to Istanbul with an incentive group is with a charter plane, because, in addition to maintaining the group united, the private flight allows the customization of the event in all its aspects: from flight schedules to catering, from the provision of passengers on board to headrest with company logo, up to the personalization of the cockpit of the air carrier or a welcome message.

And we from That Aviation Italia excel in this!

Our work consists precisely in the organization of charter flights that meets the needs of the client, proposing the best solution for their specific needs.

A successful Incentive you see from its beginning: the right choice of the air travel has an important weight!

It takes about 2H 50 min to fly to Istanbul from Milan.: all in all, it is a moderate flight time.

For centuries Istanbul has been one of the main points of the world. First as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, then of the Byzantine Empire and finally of the Ottoman Empire. In 1922, with the fall of the latter, the Republic of Turkey was founded.

Today, Istanbul is an exceptionally attractive metropolis thanks to its historical and cultural heritage combined with the modern structures of a city in continuous development.

In Istanbul you can find the most famous hotel chains in the world, haute cuisine restaurants, trendy bars, historical bazaars, and modern shopping centers but, above all, for those who want to organize a team building and an incentive trip, it also offers the necessary technology and the professionalism to guarantee the success of a conference, a congress or a DMC.

Here you can find modern structures with the possibility of using the large and well-structured conference halls, but also, thanks to the wealth of historic buildings, places of incomparable beauty which will leave the guests of your corporate event with their mouths open.

Such as:

PERA PALACE HOTEL – 5-Star Luxury Hotel

115 rooms that preserve the nineteenth-century elegance of historic furnishings, but which guarantee advanced technology to meet your every need.
Three large conference rooms and a large cocktail room, all finely furnished and with a view of the city for corporate events where past and future meet and unite.
The hotel also has a wonderful tea room, a terrace, a bar, a famous restaurant and a pastry shop which is one of the landmarks of the whole city.
A real jewel!

What to see in Istanbul?

There is really the embarrassment of the choice and we from That Aviation Italia suggest you places that we consider the unmissable:


The Sultanahmet camii is certainly one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. The name Blue Mosque derives from the presence of 21,043 turquoise ceramic tiles that cover both the walls and the dome.
The dominant blue is illuminated by the light that filters through 260 windows that give it an atmosphere that is both evocative and surreal.

It is possible to visit it every day starting at 9.00, except during prayer times.

More commonly known as Mosque of Santa Sofia, it is a place of extraordinary beauty declared a World Heritage Site and UNESCO World Heritage.
Originally it was a church, then it became a Mosque and today it is a museum.
Its large domes, golden mosaics and magnificent decorations were the inspiration for the Basilica of San Marco in Venice.
Certainly, it is one of the best examples of Byzantine art of all times!

It was the residence of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire.
It is a spectacular palace with countless halls, courtyards, lush gardens and a marvellous 300-room harem that housed the thousand women of the sultan.
An unmissable visit that also gives a wonderful view of Strait of Bosporus.

It is the largest underground cistern in the city and is also one of the most evocative places of Istanbul.
It was built by Giustiniano to supply water to the Great Palace and owes its name to the fact that it was built in the basement of an ancient basilica of which today there is no trace.
There are 336 columns 9 meters high and two heads of Medusa, the mythological creature capable of petrifying anyone who looked at her.
A unique and magical place, whose visit cannot be missed!


The Grand Bazaar is a collection of big and small shops, small boutiques and kiosks where you can find everything: from fabrics to colourful ceramics, from lamps to handcrafted jewels. A true maze of alleys to get lost in.

The Spice Bazaar, also known as Misir Carsisi, is located a few steps away from Galata Bridge and here you can buy all kinds of spice, sweets, dried fruit, jasmine tea, exfoliating soap and love elixir.


The places to visit are many and it is impossible to mention them all but, if you can, don’t miss the chance to visit the Süleymaniye Hammam and to board a ferry for a two-hour mini-cruise on Bosporus: on one side you will see Europe and on the other Asia, the two continents that coexist in the same city.

That Aviation Italia: always by your side, wherever you choose to go.

For any further information and flight price quotation, please contact us..


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