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Why Prague is the perfect place to organize an incentive event?
Prague is one of the worlds widely known cities that is placed at the top of the most beautiful European cities ranking. Prague is modern but, at the same time, it is an architectonical treasure, whose historical centre is inserted at the Worlds Heritage and UNESCO Lists and it is able to enchant any visitor at any time of the year. It is rich in history and legends, it is full of life and it is very popular amongst artists and writers from all over the world. It is also an easily reachable MICE destination. Its airport, which is located 17 km north, is the beating heart of the capital and of the region. All international flights arrive to Ruzyn?, due to the lack of other civil airports, and this highlights and adds importance to the city, acclaiming it as the cultural, scientific and commercial centre. The excellent airport services are flanked by the high level infrastructures that offers locations for all types of company meetings or events, including the historical buildings and palaces which are perfect for the Gala dinners, congress meetings or organization of international events.
The reception capacity of the accommodations is exceptionable and varies from such Hotels as Barcelò Praha with the congress hall capacity of 280/450 people – to Clarion Congress Hotel Prague with its 1.600 people congress hall capacity, not to count a vast selection of intermediate capacity accommodations.  
And what if the number of participants is greater or if you want to hold the event in a different hall from those available in the hotel?
No problem! Prague has a number of some really superlative congress halls – from Prague Congress Center with the reception capacity of 2.764 seats, to Zofin Palace (800 seats), Prague Castle (280 seats), and the smallest one which is Prague Airport Congress Hall with its 260 seats.
Alright, now that we have accommodated our guests in those wonderful congress halls and amazing locations, what can we do in our free time?
The choice is really vast and we suggest you to let yourself be enchanted by various legends, because Prague is an enchanting place, a “Magical City” located at the centre of Europe.
Praha – namely threshold – this name was chosen by the princess Libuše, a wise and beautiful woman with mysterious magical powers. Together with Turin and Lion, the city forms a famous triangle of white magic that made it famous also as an esoteric city.
Therefore, we shall begin our tour from the Prague Castle, the “threshold” of the city, walking along the marvellous river and crossing one of the most famous European bridges. It is the worlds biggest castle of an inaccessible and menacing appearance, that has always been considered a symbol of power.  
  • The Castle
    The Castle with its 70 km² area, is also a seat of power of the Presidency of the Republic. Every hour, at the main door of the Castle, it is possible to see the change of the guards and we would like to say that it is a must see in Prague!In the so called Second Court of the castle you will find Rudolph’s Gallery which has 100 paintings among which there are Titian, Rubens and Tintoretto. The third court represents the most beautiful and interesting part of the Castle. It is really spectacular with the great Cathedral of San Vito located in the Square and the San Giorgio statue in the centre, that indicates the entrance to the Royal Palace, which is accessible from the Vladislav Hall, that once was also that part of the Castle where the Bohemia sovereigns were coroneted. Nowadays, instead, this part is used for the official dinners of the Presidency of the Czech Republic.
  • Malà Strana
    Malà Strana which in Czech means “Little Side” – is an area of Prague that was destroyed by a fire and reconstructed afterwards by Italian artists and architects. It is a real jewel (which is possible to reach on foot through marvellous and rapid panoramic ascents) that houses Squares, splendid palaces and romantic corners with the shade of the Castle on the background.
  • Old Town
    The Old Town (Stare Mesto in czech) was a place of the most important events: from the sovereign coronations to the execution of the condemned.Its main attraction now is the City Hall’s Astronomical Clock that every hour brings to life the statues of religious and civil characters that move around, chasing each other in an antique ritual. Nevertheless, we would like to say that the monument that absolutely has to be seen is the Týn Church with its Gothic Spears.
  • Josefov – the Jewish ghetto of Prague
    The Jewish cemetery with its disordered graves is perhaps the most emotional site of Prague. It narrates the story of the ghetto, located a few steps away from the Old Town, so narrow and small that it forced the Jews to use every little part of the ground available, creating a sort of a labyrinth, blending together private houses, shops and laboratories.
  • The Dancing House
    It is an extraordinary building designed by the architect F.O. Gerhy – the same of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao – inspired by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. These are two buildings that seems like a couple of ballet dancers, where one is reaching for the other, immobile and waiting for a hug. 
These are only some of the Prague’s attractions that we recommend you to visit, but the list is still very long!
And now that we gave you some ideas on what to do and what to visit, how can we take the guests of your incentive trip to Prague?

THAT! is able to offer different charter flight offerings according to your organization requirements and the number of participants, with the departure from all of the main national airports. The latest organized flights have departed from Verona, Naples, Milano Malpensa, Bologna and Rome with a total of 1.100 passengers r/t. Whichever is your chosen airport, do hot hesitate to send us your request of information or airplane quotation, because That Aviation Italia is always able to offer original, competitive and personalized solutions.

THAT!: not only a broker, but a partner.

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