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When organizing business meetings it is almost always more likely to choose a destination that in terms of flying hours is not too far away from the departure airport. Why?
The factors are different: in the first place the prices and the timing…  But there are situations where it is better to dare with some more unusual proposal, because it can really make a difference!
An oversea incentive is an interesting prospective of great appeal of which its participation can only be enthusiastic. You should not be intimidated by flying hours because they can be used for social occasions, to get to know new people and/or – why not? – for work. The costs are shared between participants and the competitive prices of tourists accommodations in low season can offset the costs of organisation. Think, believe, dream and dare!
Our todays proposal is turned towards Mauritius. Recently we visited this island and its majestic nature, the quality of tourists accommodations, the organisation of the airport, the friendliness of its people made us literally fall in love!
A charter plane departing from Milano Malpensa or from Rome takes approximately 11 hours a direct flight, while the currently available commercial aircrafts (for example Alitalia operates direct flights only in high season) always make a necessary stop somewhere (the Air France in Paris; the Emirates in Dubai) which lead to a considerable loss of time and a difficulty that for an incentive trip is certainly not the best.
What charter flights propose THAT AVIATION ITALIA?
Our company offers such aircrafts as Boeing B767 or Airbus A330-200 in a double Y and C class (economy and business), with the capacity of 260/290 seats. But if you are managing a high level event organization and interested in a luxury private airplane we recommend our top of the range such Boeing B757 in Full Business Class with the capacity of 60 passengers and/or Airbus A340 which allows the accommodations of 100 people in F First Class.
THAT! is used to work with VIP clients and knows how to handle these types of operations.
Why do we propose Mauritius? Well, besides the fact that we fell in love with it, we could ascertain that traveling in our spring/summer period that corresponds to the autumn/winter in the southern hemisphere, you’re lucky enough to fall back into what is commonly called low season … But do not panic! Because winter in Mauritius means an average temperature of 26° C with a minimum of 13° C and 16° c. Not bad, right?
Moreover, it rains much less during the low season than in high season (their summer is our winter) which is another good reason to visit the island during the low season!
The tourists accommodation prices become very competitive with different promotional offers… BINGO!
Mauritius sea is one of the best ever seen and the island is almost completely surrounded by coral reef which makes the low and calm waters of the lagoon look like crystal.
There are many things that can be done in the island in order to alter the moments of company meeting to those of joy and cultural enrichment. The island is around 70 km long and 50 km wide and it allows to organize a half-day trip to explore the main attractions of the island combining perfectly pleasure and work. Impress yourself with the evocative names of its cities: Curepipe, Pamplemousses, Chamarel, Gris Gris, Bois Chèri etc.
And while you visit the Seven Coloured Earths  you can admire the waterfalls of Black River Gorges National Park make a trip to the capital city Port Louis and  make a stop in one of the most characteristic bars where it is possible to have a fresh sugar cane juice or if you prefer an alcoholic Ti Punch drink made of white Rum, lime and sugar cane syrup. We guarantee that it is really worth a try!
If instead you choose a cultural excursion you should visit the Colonial House of Bois Chéri and its tea plantations. Make a visit to its factory to understand the production cycle and a museum. Then you could have a trip to the Vanilla plantation and you will certainly remain enchanted!
But also do not forget to enjoy the moments of calm – the sea is really wonderful all around the island, but the best of it you will certainly admire at Île aux Cerfs and at Le Morne that is included at the UNESCO World Heritage list.
We would like to tell you one more interesting fact about Mauritius: do you know the meaning of the Mauritius flag?
It has four horizontal stripes of four different colours: red, blue, yellow and green. Searching for its meaning on the Internet we found out that they symbolize four different regions and four ethnical groups that live on the island: red for Hindu, blue for Christians, yellow for Tamils, and green for Muslims. But speaking about local people, we found out that there is a second meaning of the stripes of the flag which is all about the love for the nature.  Precisely: the red colour represents the national flower the Boucle d’oreille, blue represents the sea, the yellow represents the earth and green represents lush vegetation.
THAT AVIATION ITALIA: a broker that takes you wherever you want.

For further information and costs please contact us.


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