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Often Budapest is called the “Paris of the East” and at first sight, it has a lot in common with the French capital. There is a river that crosses the city dividing it in to two; there are castles and palaces that face the river and a mountain that reminds you of Montmartre from where it is possible to enjoy the view of the whole metropolis area. But the similarities end here!

Budapest has two souls, it is a metropolis where two different cities exist, separated by the Danube river. From one side there is Buda, the city with ancient roman origins that represents historical part and where some of the most important monuments of the city are located. From the other side there is Pest, with its night clubs, hotels, restaurants and shopping streets.

To organize an incentive trip to Budapest is certainly a winning choice, because this place offers excellent accommodations for tourists and the variety of places to visit and to spend moments of relaxation, thanks to its thermal baths, which are one of the most famous in the world.

What is the best incentive trip period? May, June and July. The temperatures are mild, and you will not find the great confusion of the high season. But also, in October! Last year, we accompanied our guests of the Energy Sector Convention, that was held from the 11th to the 13th of October with B737-800 departing from Milan Malpensa. There were 186 passengers who participated in this very successful event: all thanks to the Incentive Travel and to our great flight organization!

The flight to Budapest takes only 1h and 35 mins. Therefore, it is relatively a close destination which is very comfortable when you have to plan a business meeting agenda and take into consideration your budget, because both the hours of the flight and the costs of services are rather economical if you compare them to other incentive travel destinations.

The Budapest Ferenc Liszt airport

This airport, also known as Ferihegy, is located at 16 km southeast from the center of Budapest and therefore it is easily reachable.
Currently the airport is under construction to expand. The Terminal 1, fallen into disuse, was replaced by Terminal 2 that is divided in to two separated parts by Sky Court, the area dedicated to restaurants and shopping.

Once in the city, you will find many hotels suited to accommodate guests of the Incentive trip, MICE or DMC. We will list you only some of them:


Art’otel Budapest – 4 stars Hotel
It is a modern hotel located on the banks of the Danube river that has an exposition of many artworks of Donald Sultan, a famous American artist, and a vast choice of high standards meeting halls with modern equipment, that are able to host both big events and congresses and small team building.

This hotel is located in the center of Budapest, few steps away from the main pedestrian area of the city and close to the Danube river, to the theaters, museums and to the Opera House. This solution is perfect for the high-level incentive. It is a luxury location with meeting halls and dedicated staff, that guarantees a service that your guests will surely remember.
Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal – 5 stars Hotel
Grand Hotel Royal is located in the city center on the Grand Boulevard. It is a beautiful, classy and elegant hotel, which was magnificently restored in order to preserve the original atmosphere; it is a perfect location for a successful incentive trip!
And once you have chosen the hotel that best suits the needs of the event’s organization, all that remains is to build your work agenda.
Budapest is the city that can enchant its visitors by the beauty of its palaces and the solemn and a bit melancholic atmosphere, but there isn’t a shortage of fun and attractions.

THAT! suggests to you:


A visit to the Buda quarter and to the Castle
The Castle of Buda together with the Chain Bridge, is without any doubt, one of the icons of the city. It is also known as the Royal Palace for being the residence of the Kings of Hungary. Nowadays, however, inside of the castle is located the Library, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Hungarian Natural History Museum. The aspects that strikes the visitors the most are its magnitudes and the view you can admire from the top of the mountain. At night when the castle is illuminated, as well as the Chain Bridge, the view becomes truly unforgettable.

But besides the Castle, on the mountain of Buda you can find charming streets to explore and where to “lose yourself”.
A visit to Pest
While Buda represents the historical part of the city, Pest is more of a metropolis. It is always in movement, with its modern buildings, expensive restaurants and fashion boutiques. But it is also a popular district with many outdoor Cafés, stalls and picturesque squares, which are always animated.
Of course, the old Jewish quarter with its narrow streets and the Street Synagogue is a must-see. Moreover, Pest has numerous neo-Gothic, Baroque and Liberty architectural wonders that certainly is worth a visit.

Spas in Budapest
Budapest is rich in springs and it was the ancient romans who built the first thermal baths of the city (Aquincum). From then on, this tradition has always been maintained and the city never lost this particular characteristic, not even now when it became a metropolis; today it is the only European capital with thermal baths and there are 130!
Here you are truly spoilt by choice, but among the most famous THAT! suggests you Szechenyi, Gellert and Rudas. It is really impossible to visit the city and not escape the relaxation in thermal baths: it is really worth a try!

It is one of the city symbols, perhaps the most famous and photographed one.

It was built between 1885 and 1904 by the architect Imre Steindl, who was inspired by the Parliament of London and the Cathedral of Cologne. On the outside it is built in Gothic style, but on the inside, it has Baroque and Renaissance. Its great wall that faces Danube does not give justice to its overall size: 18.000 squared meters, 27 entrances, 691 rooms. Not bad, right?

And do not forget to take a walk on Margaret Island, the green lung of the city where you will find gardens, thermal baths, swimming pools, and parks to take a walk or do some sport.

We will leave you with one curiosity:
Did you know that the inventor of the Ballpoint pen László József Bíró, a journalist, was born in Budapest on the 29th September 1899?
And thanks to him, that nowadays the Ballpoint pen is commonly called “biro”!

That Aviation Italia: the broker that takes you wherever you want.

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