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It is rather difficult to thoroughly talk about Greece in a few lines,
because this area is wide and articulated, with an infinite number of islands
(very different between each other), a vast coast (13.676 km) and a central
section, characterized by a series of ancient folds, with its fractures and its
sinking’s that formed pits and basins, vast sea beds, large depressions and
mountains. Therefore, we will only try to give you some cues
and draw your attention to some particularly
interesting locations
, form a touristic point of view, which are more
directly linked to the world of incentive, convention organizations, sport
travel management
and sport team flights.
For what concerns THAT!, we have done all
possible operation in Greece
: from flight series for the main Italian
Tour Operators like Settemari, Alpitour, Phone&Go, Mistral etc., and incentive trip flights that included the
transportation of a large number of people, to Championship
flight for the first Milan team transfer
that returned home victorious with the great Cup on board the airplane, and to
the Greece charter flights headed to the most
various airports of the peninsula and of the islands.
But starting from the capital Athens, it is impossible not to think
about this city as a cradle of culture and philosophy. We can almost confirm
that everything begun here and there are many historical testimonials of this
fact, which is also the main attraction of the metropolis and the surrounding
This vast, build-up area is divided in four: centre, Northern Athens,
Western Athens and Southern Athens.The airport is located 33 km from the
city centre and it was given the Skytrax premium thrice as the
best European airport, in 2005, 2006 and 2008. It has two runways and it is also
able to host the Airbus A380, which has to
have longer runways to land and to take off.
On average, a Milan
Athens flight
takes about two and a half hours, therefore the destination
is easily reachable (the departure from Rome reduces the flight time for a
total of two hours).
Last month we had a privilege of taking to Athens the Olimpia
Basket Milano
with Boeing B737-400 for the match with Olympiakos,
that was won by our national team. Perhaps it was THAT! that brought the luck
to the team, considering the fact that it was the third flight they had with us
with the same airplane and for the third time
the team came back home victorious!
Another destination, that lately has become very
, for what concerns both incentive travel
and flight series, is the area of Kalamataand we from That Aviation
Italia have done both of these flight operations.
Kalamata is rich in uncontaminated landscapes, sandy beaches and crystal
clear waters, far from mass tourism. From the gastronomical point of view, it
is comparable to our Emilia-Romagna in the variety and richness of its culture
and offerings.
Still speaking about the peninsula, THAT! has
operated different flight series for Club Med with the small ex-military
airport of
Volos, which is now used for
tourists going to the Sporadi islands. 

And what to say about the countless islands spread around the peninsula?

It is certainly easy to fly to Rody, fly for Santorini, to organize flights for Heraklion or flights for Corfù. All
of the airports of the main islands are able to house airplanes
, such as
Airbus A330-200, Boeing B757, Boeing B737-800,
-400, CRJ900
and many more.



  • Athens

Aircraft: Airbus

Capacity: 174 passengers
Flight hours: two hours with a departure
from Rome – two and a half hours with a departure from Milan

Italian departure airport: main
national airports

Suggested location: Four Season Hotel 5 stars

  • Kalamata

 Aircraft: Boeing

Capacity: 189 passengers
Flight hours: two with a departure
from Rome – two and a half hours with a departure from Milan

Italian departure airport: main
national airports

Suggested location: Hotel Costa Navarino

  • Heraclion

Aircraft: Boeing B737-400
Capacity: 168 passengers
Flight hours: two hours and twenty
minutes from Rome – two hours and 50 minutes from Milan

Italian departure airport: main
national airports

Suggested location: Maris Beach Resort

  • Rodi

Aircraft: Airbus

Capacity: 200 passengers
Flight hours: two and a half hours
from Rome – three hours from Milan

Italian departure airport: main
national airports
Suggested location: Rodos Palace

Wherever you want to go to That Aviation Italia always has the best
solution for you! 

These are only some of the possible solutions, but of course our offer is vast and includes also luxury airplanes, executive
and learjet.

You can always rely on our experience and professionalism that has
always distinguished our company.


That Aviation Italia: Not only a broker, but a partner.

For further information and price quotation please contact us.

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