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It is no secret that celebrities often travel with a private plane. Certainly, it is a matter of Status: if you’re a celebrity and a millionaire, you can’t travel in economy class …

But it is also a necessity.
Fame involves the loss of privacy and anonymity. Imagine finding yourself alongside a film star or a jet-set star at the gate: what would your reaction be? Would you be able to hold yourself from looking insistently at that person? Wouldn’t you be tempted to approach and ask for a selfie or for an autograph?

Here you go!
Multiply this behaviour by the total number of passengers at the gate …
If constantly repeated, this situation can become a nightmare!

Now, let’s take into consideration the world of sport and, in particular that of football, in which athletes are always called for high and top performances: nothing strange in that, these VIP millionaires buy themselves a private jet and luxury planes.

But who are these millionaire champions who own executive planes? Which private jets have they chosen?

We have prepared for you a Top Ten of the most expensive jets of the football players:


1)   Cristiano Ronaldo
At first place we find CR7, the champion of the Juventus team, who chose a Gulfstream G650 that costs 31.7 million euros.
It is a Long Range Business jet with an autonomy of over 12 thousand km with no need for refuelling and a capacity for 18 passengers, with high standard of comfort, functionality, and safety. This plane can reach the maximum speed of 977 km/h and, without doubt, it is one of the fastest executive airplanes (if not the fastest one!).

2) Leo Messi
At second place there is Leo Messi with his Embraer Legacy 650 costing over 28 million euros.
This Large Range Business Jet was developed based on the Legacy 600 model but it has the capability of making longer flights, with a range of 7,200 km, ranking among the middle-range aircrafts. It can accommodate up to 14 people and reaches a maximum speed of 850 km/h.
It is a very spacious airplane with an absolutely exclusive interior design.

3)   Zlatan Ibrahimovi?
One step down we have Ibrahimovi? and his Cessna Citation Longitude, which costs 23.8 million euros.
The Cessna Citation Longitude is a larger version of the Citation Latitude and has a range of 6.346 km. It can accommodate 12 people and reaches a speed of 880 km/h.
Its cabin is designed to offer maximum comfort on board thanks to its height and a completely flat floor, as well to its luggage compartment which is accessible during the flight.

4) David Beckham
At fourth place we find David Beckham with his Bombardier Challenger 350 worth 21,5 million euros.
This very efficient private plane can accommodate up to 8 passengers and reaches a speed of 850 km/h, with a range of almost 6,000 km.
It comes from the Challenger 300 and its cabin is designed to maximize natural light. The design is comfortable and sophisticated.

5) Paul Pogba
At fifth position we find the player of Manchester United, who opted for a Gulfstream G280 worth 20.4 million euros.
The jet can accommodate 10 people and reaches a top speed of 900 km/h. This Midsize business jet has a range of 6,660 km, a spacious and very comfortable cabin, and can boast good manoeuvrability even at high speeds.

6) Wayne Rooney
At sixth place, we find the English footballer with his Dassault Falcon 900LX costing 15.8 million euros.  This private plane is considered a real jewel of the skies: its length exceeds 22 meters and has an autonomy of 8,800 km, which ranks it as a long-range plane, and its cabin has sofas and large seats that can be converted into beds. In addition, it has a very large trunk.

7) Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior  
This Brazilian player of Paris Saint-Germain is in seventh place with his Embraer Legacy 450 which is worth 12.2 million euros.
The Legacy 450 is the smallest model in the Legacy family. It reaches 850 km/h and has a range of 5,371 km, which classifies it as a short/medium-range aircraft.
It combines modern design and cutting-edge technology (fly-by-wire technology).
It can accommodate ten passengers.

8) Gareth Bale
At eighth position we find Cessna Citation XL Plus worth 9.7 million euros of Gareth Bale.
This “super light” airplane reaches 815 km/h and has a range of 2,895 km.
It has a very large hold and a high and comfortable cabin.
It can accommodate up to 8/9 people

9) Kaká  
At the second-to-last position, there is Kaká and his Cessna Citation CJ3 worth 6,2 million euros. This superior level jet, with only one pilot, is extremely reliable and comfortable.
It can reach the speed of 770 km/h and has a range of 3,778 km.
It can accommodate up to 9 passengers.

10) Ronaldinho  
The former Brazilian player closes the Top Ten with his Embraer Phenom 100 which costs 2.9 million euros and can reach the speed of 750 km/h.
This executive jet can accommodate 6 people.
An international team of designers have designed innovative solutions for a very exclusive and comfortable cabin.
The autonomy of this private jet is 2,148 km.

If we were able to intrigue you about the world of private jets, we invite you to take a look at our vast proposal of our charter private planes.

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