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The airport connection has a fundamental importance to keep the flowing circulation of goods and passengers.
It is a determining factor both for the tourism and for the cargo air transport. And, consequently, it is logical that airports should be structured in such a way as to be easily accessible both for passengers and for the companies that entrust the movement of their products to the flights.

The expansion of the Fiumicino airport has been spoken about for many years until, in 2013, work was finally given the go ahead with a decree signed by the ministers of the Environment and Cultural Heritage.

An ambitious project that provides for the completion of the works on the south side of the Fiumicino by 2021 and the construction of two new landing runways by 2044 and which, clearly, attracted many investors.

The expansion of the south side of the Fiumicino includes the construction of new terminals, embarkation areas, etc. and the restructuring of those already existing, on a total area of 180 thousand square meters with the increase in the number of aircraft parking stands and 39 new pontoons.

However, as for the North side of the Fiumicino and the construction of the new landing runways, the situation becomes more complicated. The surrounding area of the North perimeter of the airport is a Protected Nature Reserve subject to full protection where, by law, it is not possible to build any type of infrastructure.

And, in fact, two distinct decrees prohibited to build in this area, for the joy of the citizens, who are contrary to the doubling of the Fiumicino airport.

According to some studies, in fact, the increase in the number of take-off and landing runways would be completely useless and it would be possible to upgrade the airport and increase the current traffic only with the improvement of the internal organization.

And here comes into play an alternative and more economic proposal, put forward by a very enterprising association – the Outboard Committee, whose slogan reads: “More efficient, not bigger”.

This project provides for the exploitation of approximately 160 hectares, within the Leonardo da Vinci airport, currently unused and therefore usable without the need for additional land.
Furthermore, a better organization of the air traffic would make it possible to best use the current three runways and related taxiways, doubling the current passenger movement.

There were also those who in the past spoke of the construction of an artificial island used as a track, a bit like the Osaka-Kansai airport designed by Renzo Piano.

In short, will the construction of new runways be done or not?

At present, it is difficult to answer, and we can only rely on what can be read on the website of Aeroporti di Roma:


Extension of Terminal 1, of the front office of Terminal 3 and the new Terminal 4 are planned:

  • Terminal 1
    It provides for the extension of its surface with the introduction of new check-in, security checks, baggage belts and new dedicated service areas (catering, waiting rooms, etc.)
  • Terminal 3
    A new independent building connected to the existing terminals will host the boarding area E on the floor below, while the upper floor will be dedicated to services.
  • Terminal 4
    A new terminal, connected to T3, which aims to redistribute the passenger traffic and increase the capacity of the airport.

The infrastructure upgrading project involves the construction of new aircraft parking stands and related services (gate, loading bridge) and the extension of taxiways.
More precisely:

  • The enlargement and creation of new aircraft aprons
  • The construction of a second taxiway for runway 2
  • The upgrading of runway 2 (already completed)
  • The upgrading of the runway taxiway 1 (already completed)
  • The upgrading of the runway and the taxiways of the runway 3

Extremely important, for the redevelopment of the airport area, is also the new management center which will be placed next to the Terminals: the new Business City of Rome Fiumicino.

A futuristic structure composed of seven buildings entirely dedicated to business, with workspaces suitable for every need and capable of attracting national and foreign companies.

The strong point of this district is the new congress center with a capacity of 1,300 people, dedicated to conventions, company meetings and events, to which two new hotels will be added.

In this way, the area can become a highly competitive center in the sector of MICE, Incentives and DMC both at national and international level.

And, of course, there will be a whole series of important services: business lounge, consular and embassy offices, a medical center, nursery, wellness, stores and a supermarket that will be active 24/7 with the same high safety standards for the airports.

The Business City will be built in the current industrial area without additional land use and the construction of new buildings is expected to be completed by 2024.

The construction criteria follow the most advanced parameters of eco-sustainability – complete with certification Leed Gold – and will allow a huge saving of electricity and water, in addition to the containment of CO2 emissions.
The entire structure will be surrounded by green areas and pedestrian paths, just a few minutes walk from the train station, buses and the motorway.

This important investment – amounting to 190 million euros – will allow Fiumicino to align itself with other major European airports such as London, Zurich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris, whose airport areas have become a significant development engine.

We from That Aviation Italia have organized numerous charter flights departing from Fiumicino both for national and international destinations and we can only be pleased with this news.

The presence of new Terminals, the implementation of the check-in and of new infrastructures will allow us to obtain even more positive feedback in terms of airport efficiency and assistance and quality of services.


That Aviation Italia: the broker who is always by your side.

For any further information and flight price quotation, please contact us.

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