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In the past several years, Iceland has become one of the most favourite high-level company incentive destinations and it is easy to understand why.
It is a relatively close destination (only 4 hours and fifteen-minute flight), easily accessible by airplanes of different capacity, it is modern and prepared in the receptivity; it has efficient airports, a divine nature and landscapes on the edge of the extreme.
It is one of the world’s wildest, almost completely uninhabited places, characterized by volcanoes, mountains, glaciers, icebergs, oceans, lakes, rivers, meadows, waterfalls and wildlife. In Iceland all these marvels are at the tip of your fingers, as well as the possibility to see whales that in these waters feel at home.

If you are fortunate, you can see them while taking a walk along the sea (we had such luck!) or booking a brief 2/3-hour tour departing from the port of Reykjavík up the coast, where it is easy to see port seals, bottlenose dolphins, blue whales and humpback whales.
But also, killer whales, pilot whales and even basking sharks in addition to a great quantity of marine birds (in summer) including puffins.

There are many Clients who prefer Iceland to other destinations and of course it is one of the most favourite destinations of Agencies that organize conventions.

Iceland is the second largest European island and it is covered by glaciers by 10%. This fact explains the etymology of its name! It is formed by the mountains of the mid-Atlantic ridge with volcanic rocks surface and much of its territory is occupied by mountains with vast highlands.
The internal part of the island is rather deserted, while the Northern coast is rich in inlets and fjords and the Southern coast is sandy and low. In this area is located the capital, Reykjavík.

We begin our mini-tour from Reykjavík, precisely from Keflavik International Airport, which is located about 50 km away from the capital.

From the moment you arrive, you find yourself in a completely new and different dimension. Suddenly you can feel a lifestyle that is very close to the nature, which is also what the inhabitants of metropolitan chaotic and pressing cities are looking for. You have the feeling of an immediate mental detachment that leads to contemplation and serenity.
It’s not for nothing that according to the 2018 Worlds Happiness rankings, Iceland is the fourth happiest country in the world.

The city is built on a human scale and it is also extremely innovative in its design. Just think of the Auditorium Harpa rewarded by the European Commission or the Hallgrímskirkja, the greatest Reykjavik church.
However, even a few-day business trip to Iceland is mostly about the exploration of nature. From Reykjavík it is possible to take a one-day trip to the so-called Golden Circle, that includes some of the main attractions of the island, such as:

  • Þingvellir National Park, with its rocky cliffs and faults, such as the great canyon of Almannagjá, is located in a rift valley that had been formed by the separation of two tectonic plates. This canyon is the result of the continental drift, which is clearly visible and recognizable. In 2004 this site was included to the UNESCO World Heritage list for its cultural value.
  • The Geysir in Haukadalur valley, is one of the most famous sites of the island and it homes the geyser Stokkur and the world’s oldest geyser named Geysir. The same English word “geyser” derives precisely from the Geysir of Iceland. The first one erupts every 5/10 minutes, while the last one erupts 4/5 times a day. It is a very special place, with a fantastic and surreal scenario.
  • Gullfoss meaning “Golden waterfall”, is one of the most famous waterfalls of south-western Iceland, located along the river of Hvítá in Haukadalur. Its turbulent waters make an 11 and 21 meters high plunge twice. It is called “the Queen of all Icelandic falls” for its theatricality, beauty and lights created by this double plunge.
  • Volcanic Lake of Kerið, also known as “Kerid”. This lake was formed in a crater of about 55 meters deep, but its waters are quite low and rich in minerals. It is surrounded by steep red volcanic rock walls deprived of vegetation that creates a strong contrast with the bluish waters of the lake.

If your schedule of the event organization allows it, it is possible to take a trip to the most inner areas of the Iceland where it is possible to see one of the most unique marvels in the world: Icelandic Turf houses. These typical Icelandic houses seem to emerge directly from the soil and are covered with turf. This residential architecture is still in use in Iceland and it is so unique and particular that it was a candidate to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

It is also very interesting to visit the Blue Lagoon, which is one of the most famous thermal spas under the open sky. It really worth a try! It is absolutely amazing to dive-in in its mineral-rich waters of a constant temperature of 37/39 C° degrees, to apply silica mud that is all around the volcanic rock pool. It is a great way to have a total relaxation in a setting that is simply beyond any compare.
That Aviation Italia has organized several charter planes to Iceland, which without any doubt could be defined as a high level.
One of these was organized on behalf of Jaguar in July 2017, through the incentive house of reference with a full business class Boeing B737 aircraft.
An airplane of this magnitude, full business class, is a truly unique experience of travelling. It is able to give the right status to an already successful event.
The aircraft remained parked in Keflavik for the entire period of the event, in order to minimize any risk of delay due to the air traffic or the delay of the arrival of the flight.
The assistance of That Aviation Italia was given both in the departure from Milan Malpensa – where the executive jet charter service was provided – and from Keflavik, with a personalized delivery of the boarding pass. That Aviation Italia also provided for the complete customization of the interior of the airplane and of the customized catering with a hot meal Super VIP.

Dear reader, Jean Jacques Rousseau ones said that “It is in the man’s heart that lives the spectacle of nature; it is essential to see it in order to feel it” and here in Iceland it is impossible not to feel it!
So, what are you waiting for?


That Aviation Italia: your trusted broker.

For further information and price quotation, please contact us!

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