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Champions League: what a passion!!!

We are in full load of the event and still in the race for the victory of the Italian team Juventus, which thanks to the trifecta of Christian Ronaldo against Athletic Madrid, brought the team from Turin back to the competition. And with an incredible strength!!

Now we just have to wait for the next match against Ajax and hope for the victory.
But, instead of making predictions or talk about football faiths, we decided to tell you some interesting facts about this most awaited event by all football lovers.

A series of “did you know that …” which, we hope, can intrigue you.

Enjoy reading!

Who holds the Record of Victories?
The victory record goes to Francisco Gento the left winger of Real Madrid, with 6 awards including 5 consecutive from 1955 / ’56 to 1959 / ’60 and one in 1965 / ’66. He is considered one of the greatest Spanish football players of all time.
Well done!!

Who is the youngest player in the history of Champions League?
The youngest player who have ever played a Champions League match is Celestine Babayaro.
16 years old and 87 days with the Anderlecht shirt. He played for the Nigerian national team in the 1990s, winning an Olympic gold medal in 1996, as well as having played several editions of the African Cup.

Who is the oldest player in the history of the Champions League?
The oldest player is Marco Ballotta, with the Lazio shirt. 43 years old and 253 days of playing in Championship League. His career includes a Championship, three Coppa Italia, an Italian Super Cup, two Cup Winners’ Cups and two European Super Cups.

Who made the fastest goal in the history of the Champions League?
The prize for the fastest goal in the history of the Champions League goes to the former Dutch forward Roy Makaay, who in only 10.12 seconds scored a goal in the second return round of the season in 2006/2007 during Bayern Munich-Real Madrid match. For this incredible goal he was named “the gunman”.
Fast as the speed of sound!!

Who is the goalkeeper who has protected the goalpost longer?
It is Jens Lehmann. He kept his goalpost untouched for 853 consecutive minutes between 2004 and 2006. He also was the first and also the only goalkeeper to be expelled in a Champions League final!

Which is the first Italian team that reached the final of Champions League?
The first Italian finalist was Fiorentina, in 1957. Unfortunately, they lost 2-0 against Real Madrid.

Which was the first Italian team that won the Champions League final?
The first Champions League Cup was won by Milan in 1963, beating Benfica at the last minute.

Who was the player to win the Champions with the greatest number of football teams?
It was Clarence Seedorf  with the following sequence:

  • 1995 – with Ajax
  • With Real Madrid
  • 2007 – with Milan

Moreover, Seedorf is also the fifth player with the most appearances in UEFA club competitions and is part of the small circle of players who have played at least 1,000 games in his career.

Who scored the highest number of goals in goalposts?  
The answer is almost taken for granted: Cristiano Ronaldo!
This football player scored the highest number of goals in the 2013-2014 season with the Real Madrid shirt and 17 goals.

Who is the player with the most appearances?
It is Iker Casillas who, with his 176 participations, holds the record of appearances in the Champions League. Among other things, Casillas was also nominated 5 times as the Best Goalkeeper of the Year, establishing a new record shared with Gianluigi Buffon.

He was also nominated five times the best goalkeeper of the year by IFFHS, establishing a new record shared with Gianluigi Buffon.

Which city has hosted several times the final of the Champions League Cup?
It is London. The final match was played 7 times in the capital of England – 5 times in the old Wembley stadium and 2 times in the new one, which was reconstructed on the ashes of the previous stadium.

What is the match with the highest number of goals?
The record match was played in 2016 between Borussia Dortmund and Legia Warsaw with a result of 8-4.

Which are the teams that managed to win all the matches in their group?
There are five teams that hold this record which, in order, are:

  • Milan (1992-1993)
  • Paris Saint-Germain (1994-1995)
  • Spartak Moscow (1995-1996)
  • Barcelona (2002-2003)
  • Real Madrid (2011-2012 and 2014-2015)

Which countries have never managed to reach the qualification rounds?
There are 22 teams and precisely: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Bosnia, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Macedonia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Ireland, Northern Ireland, San Marino and Wales.

Which country has the record of victories?
The nation that holds the record of winnings is Spain with its 18 total victories.

Which team lost the most final matches?
The team that managed to reach the finals but unfortunately turned out losing the last match was Juventus.

Which team holds the record of participations in the Champions League?
The team with the highest number of entries is Real Madrid:

  • 48 participations
  • 16 final matches
  • 13 cups won

Which broker has organized the highest number of charter flights for Champions League?  
Honestly, we don’t know. But we know how many Champions League flights were organized by That Aviation Italia:

And finally:

Since 2010 Italy has not won the Great Cup: will this be the year of its comeback?

We truly hope so!

The supporters are ready to make their presence known and we from THAT! are ready to organize ad hoc charter flights for the transfer of the team and of the fans.

We are ready to cheer Italy!


That Aviation Italia: your sports broker!For any further information and flight price quotation please contact us.

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