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Sudden anxiety, insecurity and unjustified fear that can lead to a feeling of a real terror at the very thought of getting on a plane: it is called “aerophobia ” or “aviophobia“. Although it is more commonly known as “fear of flying“.

This problem afflicts 1 in 6 people and it is a real phobia, which can induce those who suffer from it to choose other means of transport or to give up travelling to distant lands and countries.

We take a car every day and, statistically, a car accident is much more likely than a plane crash. Driving a car is a hundred times more dangerous than flying and the world of aeronautics operates continuous controls, adopts extremely high parameters to ensure the safety of passengers. Pilots are extensively trained and undergo regular and constant testing on simulators and real planes throughout their career. The aircrafts are also subjected to continuous inspections.
It is said that flying is the safest thing you can do: it is 18 times safer than staying home and 10 times safer than staying at work.

OK, we were not born with the wings: and this could already be the first reason for the fear of flying.
However, rationality (through knowledge and reasoning) should help us to overcome this apprehension.
Instead, when we are “scared”, it happens that a part of our brain that manages emotions takes over and rationality become completely ignored. Therefore, if you are a person who likes to have control of the situation, in case of flying you must rely totally on the competence of someone you do not know (the pilot  and his co-pilot) and this can cause a feeling of profound unease, like the sense of claustrophobia and the awareness of not being able to leave the cabin.
Also, previous flight experience with particularly strong turbulence or the fear of terrorist acts can be powerful deterrents and cause an uncontrollable fear before the idea of flying.

This fear affects all social categories indiscriminately and there are many famous people who have declared their aerophobia publicly.

Some names?

From Italians like Fiorello, Alex Britti, Adriano Celentano, Margherita Buy to Whoopi Goldberg, Meg Ryan, Martin Scorsese, Dennis Bergkamp, who even went so far as to renounce the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea because of the air transfer. And there is also a well-known Italian football player, that we had the honour of accompanying in some of his trips, who, in order to control his anxiety, always asks to travel in the cockpit together with the pilots.

So, how to overcome the fear of flying?

There are many ways: from courses to get over the fear of flying, to Apps for those who are afraid of taking a plane, to simple practical advices and relaxation techniques to manage anxiety and tension.

 Fear of flying: advices

•    Avoid alcohol and exciting substances (e.g. coffee) before getting on board;
•    Avoid travelling alone;
•    Learn relaxation techniques in order to control anxiety levels;
•    Try to distract yourself by reading a book, watching a film, listening to music or just chatting;
•    Inform the cabin crew of your aviophobia. The flight attendants will stand by you and help you manage your anxiety;
•    Download on your mobile a specific application, that will explain you every moment of the flight;
•    Follow a course to get over fear of flying.

 Apps for those who are afraid of flying

There are different apps available, but the most famous are two: Sky Guru and Soar. Having one of these applications on your mobile devise is like having a pilot at your side explaining exactly what is happening at any time during the flight. 

Sky Guru
This App uses aviation data to inform users of what to expect during the flight. For example, if there are turbulences. And, in addition to sending support messages, suggestions and advice on the choice of the best place to sit, the application also explains the origin of the “suspicious” noises and movements.

Sky Guru also works in airplane mode.

It works pretty much like the Sky Guru, but unlike the latter, it is a free application. Furthermore, in addition to the information and suggestions already mentioned, Soar also calculates the probability that an aircraft has to fall.
Since the probability is very low, reading this data is in itself an element that gives tranquillity and removes tension.

Courses to get over fear of flying

There are numerous courses that can help you to win the aviophobia, managed both by the airline companies of scheduled flights and by Low Cost airline companies, which can be purchased and downloaded online. These courses are held by experts in psychology and by aviation pilots, who will explain to you every situation and each phase of the flight in order to help you flight an irrational fear.
But, of course, there are also group courses held by psychologists where it is possible to deeply analyse the cause of your phobia; these courses can be found in all of the main cities and they will help you to overcome your fears and become frequent flyer!

In short, what we can certainly say that all the statistics declare that aircraft is absolutely the most secure mean of transport and the most controlled one.

And we at That Aviation Italia, we know it well!
Airplanes are our world: every day we are in close contact with Airline Companies, with Italian and foreign Airports, with pilots, crew, handler and everything that revolves around flights and charter planes.
We select our suppliers and offer only the best choices in order to make you fly with tranquillity and serenity.


That Aviation Italia: the Quality Broker.

For any further information and flight price quotation please contact us.

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