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Hurray blue team!!!


We think it is rightful to start this article with an intense expression
of joy and pride for the great results, that our national feminine team obtained in the Volleyball
World’s Championship that has just concluded. 

Thank you girls for your perseverance and your obduracy. For your
strength, your courage and the capability of staying focused and united until
the very last second of the match. For giving us a well-deserved
silver medal that every Italian, with great
pride, considers his own.
Thank you for giving us moments of excitement and adrenaline, for making
us “discover again” the joy of this team sport, for “refreshing” the image of
this discipline per excellence; for climbing the
World’s ranking
with unexpected determination and for making thousands
of supporters fall in love again and for having half of Italian population to
hold their breath.
And thank you coach Davide
for your
farsightedness and for choosing the team taking into consideration the
equilibrium of the group before the raking of performances. That was the
winning choice!
And here they are, our blue team: Ofelia Malinov, Carlotta Cambi, Paola Egonu, Serena Ortolani, Lucia
Bosetti, Elena Pietrini, Miriam Sylla, Sylvia Nwakalor, Cristina Chirichella,
Sarah Fahr, Marina Lubian, Anna Danesi, Monica De Gennaro, Beatrice

And we must remind that Serbia was the only team
to beat Italy in this World’s Championship
, unfortunately in finals. But
this silver is a well-deserved silver and our girls truly merit applauses.


But how feminine volleyball started in Italy?

Maybe not everyone knows, but it debuted on April the 7th 1951
in Alessandria, against France. The same year and for the first time, feminine
team participated in the European Championship, but the results of the whole
period from 1950 to 1970 were maintained at medium-low levels.
In 1978 the World Championship was unfortunately concluded with the last
The first gold was won in 1979 in the Games of Mediterranean (however it
was a zonal competition). The first important medal, the bronze, was won at the
end of the 80’s.
The real breakthrough came in the 90’s with the fifth place at the 1998
World’s Championship and starting from 2000 it got even better: the first
participation at the Olympics in 2000, the first finals in 2001 in the European
Championship, the first gold medal against United States in the 2002 World’s
Championship. 2007 was the record year: the bronze medal in the World Grand
Prix and a series of 26 consecutive victories up to the first place in the
European Championship.


In 2013, the XVI Mediterranean Games was concluded with a gold medal and
2015 World’s Championship was concluded with the fourth place. But only with Davide Mazzanti (officialised in March
of 2017), the team restored its power bringing home the
silver medal this year


And it is not like their male volleyball colleagues left them on the sidelines…
We are sure that they are the first to exult the results of our national
feminine team.

However, also the men’s team, that last
September concluded the World Championship was classified with an appreciable fifth
place and we hope that in the near future our men’s team will reach the raking
of the most privileged places.


Volleyball, is an enthralling sport that with time involves more and more participants, especially among the very
young ones and, according to the latest balance of the Italian Volleyball
Federation, there are 4.579 affiliated societies, 346 thousand athletes with membership,
with 250 women among them.

It is possible to play volleyball anywhere in Italy: there are almost 7
thousand plants where the matches of the federal championships are being held
(at the first place there is Lombardy, followed by Emilia Romagna, Lazio and at
the last position – Val d’Aosta). 


That Aviation Italia always stands alongside
the Sport and whenever there is a necessity for a transfer to a match, THAT! is always at the service of any kind of sport
teams. The needs of the sport teams are of an indispensable
priority and it is essential to have the right awareness to simplify the
transfers, to provide the right service and not to jeopardise the serenity of the
players and staff
in order to let them concentrate on the competition
that will follow.


Whether it is football, a marathon,
basketball or volleyball, That Aviation Italia knows
how to handle the situation
to make the transfer as natural and as comfortable
as possible, always providing quality and high level service.


Our last volleyball transfer?

The r/t flight operated for the Sir
Volley Colussi Sicoma Perugia
on March 10th /14th in the
occasion of the 2018 Championship League
Final Four
, that was played in
Russia, on the weekend of March 12th /13th.
We used Boeing B737-800 airplane with the
capacity of 189 seats with the departure from Perugia towards Kazan, an airport
of difficult access in Western Europe and for which it was necessary to have
specials permissions that Albastar Airline
Company had to get before operating the flight. On board of the airplane,
besides the players there were also journalists, prosecutors, specialists and

An accurate service with the attention to details and
to necessities – this is our quality standard
, because as APJ Abdul Kalam, the eleventh
president of India, once said: “the
excellence is a continuous process, not an accidental fact”

That Aviation Italia: your sports broker!
For any further information and flight price
please contact us.

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